Our sources have told us that the iPhone 5s will be launched at a media event on the 10th September this year. It is still unclear if the iPhone 5c will be launched alongside the new iPhone 5s, or if it will feature in its own launch show on a later date.

We have seen lots of images and renderings of the new low-cost iPhone which has been called the iPhone 5c among news outlets and fans, apparently with the C standing for “Low-Cost” however this seems like a strange marketing strategy for apple, seeing as its main core feature is that of quality, cheap isn’t something i could see apple wanting associated with their products but only time will tell.

iPhone 5c

The most recent rumors suggest that the new iPhone 5s will be priced at around $490 which is £316.95, a similar price to what the iPhone 4 is currently retailing at when brought on contract with a network.

It is likely that the iPhone 5c will be released on the same date as the iPhone 5s, alongside iOS7 and possibly OSX Mavericks however traditionally this is less likely. the iPhone 5s is rumored to have NFC contact-less payment solutions, a bio-metric fingerprint scanner under the home button and a dual LED flash.