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10 thoughts on “The Best of Interweave Knits: Our Favorite Designs from the First Ten Years

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    Some fun interesting patterns

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    BOTTOM LINE Some nice patterns, but not the glorious compendium I d hoped this would be, given Interweave s reputation and my viewing of some of their patterns on ravelry dot com Very good, and thorough, instructions for various techniques though, beautifully, and comprehensively illustrated with diagrams Sizings are fairly generous, and the photography is good patterns were, however, to my taste, rather mediocre Only one intrigued me a bit, and nothing popped out as must make NOW , and for me that s a prime indicator of the rating for a pattern book A tepid sort of book by my liking your tastes may differ, though, and especially if you re rather younger than I am pretty much most of you and inclined towards cute sorts of designs, or if you re a beginning or intermediate knitter, this might prove worthwhile the instruction pages are rather good Interweave does have a great reputation, and I have seen other books of theirs that were terrific just not this one, alas Only the entrelac shawl four alternating leafy lace patterns, yum was interesting enough for me to look at it twice I ve knitted mitered squares but not entrelac, and their explanation of the technique was nicely done and helped me to see just how it was done, the differences and similarities to mitering Both techniques can seem complex, but their explanations of entrelac were very clear and I m likely to try something in it sometime soonish just not from this book.

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    There were some very elegant pieces in this book I thought the photograhps of the items were splendid The patterns were beautiful and l got a lot from just looking through this book I didn t find any particular patterns that I wanted to knit, but I d definitely recommend this book for inspiration Taken from my book reviews blog

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    I continue to work on a unique striped scarf The patterns are both classic and new and appear to be well written The project I am working involves working with several skeins of yarn at one time, something I expected the authors to make note of I am reserving overall judgement until I try another pattern.

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    This is a lovely publication, pretty photos, well laid out, printed on thick glossy paper The knitting tips sections were nicely explained, though I would have appreciated a few diagrams The selection of patterns is so so though Some of the designs are stylish, but I m surprised others were considered the best of Interweave Knits.

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    This book is not for the beginning knitter The finished projects were for the most part pretty but complicated There were about two patterns that an average knitter would be comfortable working on.

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    I d like to own this one Yes, I have many of the patterns already since I ve been an IK subscriber for years, but what is invaluable is having their detailed technique articles all in one place Very useful And it is not even mentioned on the cover

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    very inspiring patterns My first attempt from this book is the big felted weekend getaway satchel Still working on it, but it s lovely Lots of additional technical hints are included alongside the patterns I find myself refering to these sections all the time when I attempt something new.

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    I got it I got it Oh my god, it is good

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    Like Lotus Blossom Tank very doable Pearl Buck Spring Jacket very difficult some good explanations of knitting techniques.

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