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summary Selected Amazon Reviews, Part II , series Selected Amazon Reviews, Part II , book Selected Amazon Reviews, Part II , pdf Selected Amazon Reviews, Part II , Selected Amazon Reviews, Part II dff0f1f604 Following A Sold Out Volume One, Kevin Killian Brings Forth Volume Two Of Selected Reviews, Featuring A Higher Percentage Of Serious Reviews Than Volume One, Which Showcased The Surreal And Carnivalesque Killian Understood That On , Everything S For Sale, And Everyone S An Unpaid Content Provider However, As He Discovered, You Can Also Say Almost Exactly What You Want, Chip Away At The Machine, And Maybe Do It Some Harm

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    Dear Kevin,I m sorry it s taken so long to write this review First the chapbook got lost in the basement, then once I tracked it down I couldn t find the book on Goodreads, so had to add it, upload the cover, etc I ve been a fan of your reviews since I first discovered them back in 2003 or 4, not just for their style and quality but for the way you ve used the format to create a new persona that s hard to imagine without the Internet Are you the American boy growing up in France mesmerized by an enchanting painting of an ancestor that hung never very far from the hearth The jetsetting connoisseur of freestanding towel warmers The transatlantic Thom Wolf collaborator whose madeleine is BUTTMEN 3 The good samaritan trying to help some neighborhood children break into the world of stardom Victim of an industrial accident that reveals the benefits of Advil over generic ibuprofen The wearer of Italian charm bracelets Or one of the greatest litterateurs and cineastes this side of Barthes, with a special affection for the preterite and unjustly neglected Since most people find these reviews discretely via searches, I guess you re any one of them, depending on what the algorithm brings up that day But reading them here cheek by jowl, I m impressed with how you re also all of them, inhabiting the improbable range of products and topics with the same brio, intelligence, affection, and barbed sense of fun If the book is dead, and no one listens to poetry, yours may be sweetest song the swan sings before this whole literacy thing goes post You do those Old Glory Sterling Silver Fish Bone Earrings proud.

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