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pdf Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, ebook Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, epub Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, doc Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, e-pub Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life a863f299987 Why Are Prominent Doctors, Quantum Physicists, And Researchers All Over The World Interested In The Seemingly Chance Encounter That Dr Eric Pearl Had With One Of His Patients What Was It About That Encounter That Would Not Only Radically Accelerate The Trajectory Of His Life, But Ultimately Affect The Lives Of Millions And Will Most Likely Profoundly Affect Your Life As Well What Is This Phenomenon In His International Bestseller, The Reconnection Heal Others, Heal Yourself, Dr Pearl Taught Readers How To Access And Tap Into A Comprehensive Spectrum Of Energy, Light, And Information Previously Inaccessible To Anyone, Anywhere In Doing So, He Allowed Us To Entirely Transcend Complex Healing Techniques And Bring About Dramatic, Often Instantaneous, Lifelong Healings And Life Transformations Since Then, The World Has Clad For Eric S Second Book His Response When I Have Something Else To Say Today Dr Pearl, In Collaboration With Frederick Ponzlov, Indeed Has Something Else To Say You Might Have To Reconsider Everything You Ve Read Up Until Now About Healing, Consciousness, And Our Four Dimensional Existence Here On Earth As Guided By The Spirit Of Solomon, A Multidimensional Intelligence That Speaks Through Frederick Ponzlov, Experience Firsthand The Insights Imparted During The Evolution Of This Unique Transmodality Known Today As Reconnective Healing Now You Can Discover These Insights And Apply Them To Your Life Insights That Have Revolutionized The Healing World And Given Us The Key To Access The Immense Power That We Each Have Within Our Lives Solomon Speaks

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    A healthy amount of skepticism when dealing with so called channeled material isn t a bad thing There s lots of junk out there Mostly, the junk ones, rehash trite platitudes while taking a really long time to deliver the same old new age message of oneness and all you need is wuv That said, when the message can resonate so deeply with you, that you don t care who wrote it or how well then it stands on its own.The concepts presented in Solomon Speaks, while not necessarily new to anyone following the consciousness movement, new thought, new age, whatever, are presented in a unique light Perhaps light isn t the best word to use, as Solomon shows no mercy in dealing with gurus and healers of the white lighter variety who do it for the applause I love the idea he speaks about, that the very word healing implies that one is somehow wrong or bad, and needs to be made better If you are interested in energy healing, Qigong, or Reiki, I think you will love this book.I also think anyone in any of the healing arts could enjoy this book if they can get past the channeling and the energy work stuff At the risk of sounding trite, this book requires you read it from the heart and not the head I received this book free, for review purposes from Hay House, was not paid for my opinion, and this is my honest assessment of this book.

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    I would only recommend this book to someone who had taken Eric s training and is a healer.This book was channeled by his patient Frederick Ponzlov, over a period of years Mr Ponzlov is the coauthor.It is repetitive for reasons I understand, but would be frustrating to someone who isn t familiar with energy healing or channeling It will be a book I keep because I took Eric s training I doubt I will read it again, like I have reread his first book, The Reconnection.I m interested to know what others will think

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    I m already enjoying Eric Pearl s quirky sense of humor, and I haven t even started the first chapter I look forward to a fun ride with this newest offering from the author of

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    Wonderful and profound insightsA channeled being s brings the message of love and Oneness, as well as better understanding of healing from the Source The message rings true in every way.

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    Great inspiration Great inspiration for a new world filled with love We are all One It s an easy read and very easy to understand.

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    This is a book about Reconnective healing, the second one by Eric Pearl, and the first by Frederick Ponzlov The latter is the channeller of Solomon, who here provides us with further information about this exciting new form of healing, and much .Frederick Ponslov, or Fred, as he was referred to in The Reconnection , has been channelling for many years but, as far as I know, this is the first time his channellings have appeared in print.Solomon is actually the sum total of two different entities The entity that first spoke through Fred was Aaron, while the intelligence Pearl and Fred have called Solomon appeared later.Solomon speaks in the first person singular and at other times in the first person plural.He repeats points throughout the book We are informed that the material is written on many levels, with layers of meaning.I did not find this material easy to read or comprehend At the beginning, it seemed as though Solomon was speaking only to Eric, the author, but finally I began to understand that he was talking to all of us Solomon speaks in such a metaphorical, abstract and vague way that often it is hard to know what he actually means.Solomon says that they have been here for us before, and have always been here He is only an intermediary to greater energy He tells us that we are a chain leading to the centre, That Which Is He is here to help us remember who we are, the greatness that we are and the greatness that is in all human life forms.He says that his energy comes from a different space, from unending Source.There is no separateness between us we are all here as one We have our own vibration but we are of the same sound We are told that they are here for us, have come here to help us We need to help integrate all we take in, and take care of this energy and nurture it.He informs us that people will desire the energy, but when they come in touch with it, they will go into reaction, start to resist, and then go into complacency, and that this is denial.He says There is an energy that comes organically from your own life force I assume he means the reconnective energy.There is much to come It will happen organically, on its own It is going to be wonderful.Process gets result, The path we are on is taking us somewhere special, and we must trust that it will open our hearts in a grand way.We were put on this planet to experience joy The bottom line is to become compassionate with other people.I found this to be a deep, immaculately expressed, but rather abstruse book I will need to buy it and read it again, perhaps again and again, in order to properly digest the material.I highly recommend that you read this insightful book once you have read Pearl s first book, The Reconnection and connected with the energy, but perhaps not before.

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    Just loved it and will probably read it again soon

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    i found that this book was basically and only research backing up that we are a soul in a body, not a body with a soul.if you need proof, read this if you believe it already, spare yourself.

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