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summary Triage (Doctor Dom, #1) , series Triage (Doctor Dom, #1) , book Triage (Doctor Dom, #1) , pdf Triage (Doctor Dom, #1) , Triage (Doctor Dom, #1) a5715874f8 A Surgeon With Secrets A Woman Craves To Be Spanked When They Get Together In An Examination Room What Will Happen Next Lisa Preston Has Always Fantasized About A Doctor Tying Her Down On The Examination Table, And Taking Her For His Pleasure When She Meets Dr Patrick Anderson In A Club, Will She Be Brave Enough To Tell The Doctor What She Needs And Will The Doctor Make Her Fantasies Come True Note This Novella Includes Medical Play, Spankings, Domination, Graphic Sexual Scenes, And

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    Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my first foray into Medical Kink I was Lisa Preston I was in a doctor s office, and I was about to get a very thorough physical. It should be pointed out to readers that the scene featuring a medical themed BDSM scene is 100% consensual, it is pre planed, and while one of the characters is a Doctor, he is not her Doctor Clear Ok Now let s have some fun Dr Patrick Anderson One night with her, and she d driven me insane, and if she wanted this fantasy, I was going to make it real for her. Dr Anderson is a divorcee draged out to a club by his married friends His attention is quickly captured by a woman whose fantasies are as dirty as the martini she sends over to his tableLisa Preston A nice guy who wasn t repulsed by my dark fantasies This could be very, very good. Lisa can t help her attraction to the man at the bar, or her desire to go home with him A little too much vodka and some seriously sheet twisting sex is enough to loosen anyone s inhibitions It s not long before Patrick has Lisa spilling all her naughty fantasies Including one he is particularly qualified to make a realityThis highly erotic novella featured a dual POV split between the two main characters There was just enough non sexual plot line to keep me invested in their relationship, and I m excited to start book two The author generously provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review My Other Reviews in the Doctor Dom Series I will update as books become available 1 Triage You re Reading It2 Observation Read My Review here3 Diagnosis Read My Review here4 Relapse Read My Review here5 Recovery Read My Review here

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    This started out at 4 and lost one along the way, which is a pity Spoilers below This book sets up a rather realistic approach towards BDSM by a couple just having met each other While I consider it pretty much OTT for two alleged non BDSMers to go the full length and have their first scene in a fully equipped medical play playroom, I liked how consent and general SSC RACK practices were observed I also liked that for once BDSM wasn t depicted as some all encompassing 24 7 lifestyle which it absolutely isn t for the vast majority of all BDSMers instead it was a way to enrich their sex life and satisfy itches they both had.So far so good Add to that, that the writing was relatively smooth though I found the switching between POVs to take place much too frequently , that there was no BDSM fail at all, and I would have been happy to give this 4.AlasThis book wasn t very erotic for me There were several reasons for that, foremostly the usage of the words pussy and cream in conjunction Not only that I really, really detest the word pussy for female genitalia, a pussy which creams reminds me of candidiasis and that is off putting.Another pet peeve of mine are people who worship cocks So sorry, but we re past the stone age which tended to worship broad hipped goddesses anyway and cocks are simple sexual organs Dangly bits Nothing which needs to be adulated BJ them, go down on them, blowjob them, lick and suck them if you need to, but damn it, don t worship them.While we re at it, I dislike reading about sanitised and bowdlerised sex Too many clitcentric scenes, or for that matter nipple centric ones, and I am bored to tears Too many BJs and ditto Please remember there are women out there, and not that few either, who prefer insertive sex and are dead bored by oral sex.The medical play itself was fairly mild I mean, there are much interesting things in that field, and those are what I d hoped for With a Top who s a doctor much is possible than a bit of playing doctors and oral sex.Lastly, the characters were not really that different I got no sense of the male and the female perspective, and both were a tad bland.In the end I rounded down Especially for the

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    Hello Doctor Medical kink is a fetish I can completely get behind While many women may fear the gyno chair, I ve always found it to be arousing, regardless of who is spreading my pussy.In Triage, Ms Crescent sets up a delicious little doctor s appointment for Lisa Lisa is single and picks up a sexy surgeon who is willing to Play Doctor with her Patrick is single, in his early 40s and a doctor I m sorry, remind me again why he is single If he works long hours and the women he dates just don t put up with it, I can understand But really, his demographics is highly sought after The only downside for the poor guy is that most of the women come with baggage little germ factories called kids.I like that Ms Crescent doesn t bore us with a single mom with kids Instead, she takes Lisa, an independent and sexually aware woman to match up to Patrick s desires While the characters are sexually compatible, they were both a bit forgettable What do I mean Here s the thing I am not fond of first person point of view It s rare that it can be pulled off well To have this story in first person from both Lisa and Patrick s perspective isn t something I enjoy At least Ms Crescent split them up with clear delineation If she did not, it would be hard to tell who was who I say this because both Lisa and Patrick have the same voice They thought the same and they spoke the same They were androgynous as far as I could tell Both were nervous Both were a bit introspective about their single status The dialog they used was interchangeable From two fronts, I recommend some changes First, if there is to be changes in point of view, stick to third person Second, regardless of point of view, focus on character development so that the two main characters behave uniquely and have their own style of speaking This will allow the characters to become engaging This also allows the characters to be memorable More memorable equals higher ratings If the goal is for the story to make the spank bank , then crank up the sexual deviance with gritty graphic detail and intense humiliation.The kinky medical exam is really what makes this story good Since Patrick is of a sensualist, the medical kink took a sexy erotic slant This makes it a good story for most readers starting out with their medical kink There is no humiliation or pain in the scenes Recommended for kinky readers who love to play doctor I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this medical kink, part story from Tara Crescent This is a serial of at least three parts It is written in first person with mini chapters showing each the main two protagonists view points, and I don t have a problem with this it is clear who is speaking thinking.Lisa, single a professional designer with her own up and coming business, but has some mental baggage over BDSM in her pastPatrick a doctor, surgeon, also seems to have BDSM past history, but writer Tara cleverly doesn t tell all, she has already mastered enticement sufficiently to encourage her readers back.I liked the medical kink, it was a class act, little above most others I have read Here the doctor isn t molesting any patients His work is a separate item, his doctor play breaks no Hippocratic oath, he breaks no sex laws His control is delicious, not overbearing and retains a sense of exploration and humour..They meet while with friendship groups in a bar, instant attraction, Lisa knows what she wants, sex, with Patrick, he is happy to oblige and initially it is just for a night of passion and pent up sexual needs Oh but how many of us would have done the same in that situationsome would say too soon, too quickthe rest of us say, fine get to the back of the queue I love the way they start that hesitant talk and get to know you, that he likes Lisa, wants to please her and indulge her needs and fantasies, I am so envious of her and her situationand now need to read the next episode serial.I have one little grouch and it s I dislike serials, I would much rather read a whole story, hate cliff hangers, hope there will be a compilation novel at the end If so I heartily recommend it to those who like safe sex, touch of reality and medical kink to what seems to be a budding romance, just hope no conflict destroys such, we all need HFN or HEA to hope for.English is pretty good and proof read So with hopes of to come pun intended 4 stars for this and on to Observation.

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    Teeeeheeeee I liked this book Lisa and Patrick are super fun They meet at a bar, and have hot vodka induced spanking and sexing a few hours after meeting I mean, who hasn t let vodka get the better of them at least once I liked that it wasn t the wham bam thank you ma am for a night though, as they stuck around in the morning and went on a real date later that week The fact that Patrick goes through all the trouble of setting up a totally hotHOThot fantasy for Lisa makes me think he might like her a bit than he is leading on D I loved every minute reading thru that fantasy play out _ Only downgrades to me was that it was very very short the book actually ended around 75%, due to 2nd book preview and other book previews I m all for those, but it bums me out a little when the story is so quick to begin with Also, reading the blurb for the second bit as well as for how the 1st one ended it almost seems to be throwing in conflict where it wasn t needed but I ll def read the next one to see where she was going with that train of thought though Provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

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    Disclaimer I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange of my honest opinion and review.Patrick is a divorced, doctor, nice guy who is looking for a date He tried with online dates, dates with friends of friends, they were nice but not great Lisa is a sexy, young woman, who is looking for fun She moves to a new condo, she s doing great in her own business, but her sex life Boring She wants something new One fine night Lisa and Patrick go to the same bar and found each other.This was my recurrent thought and feeling with this book, I really liked the female character because she s a powerful woman, she knows what she wants, when they met she takes the lead and sends to him a drink Dirty Martini by the way , so she is not a princess waiting for her savior She had a bad relationship with a Dom and she doesn t want go there again, but there is something asleep in her personality

    I was tied up on the table, unable to move, and he was going to gag me But if I were being honest with myself this was the dark place I wanted to go, and I wanted to go there with this guy

    Patrick, sorry Dr Anderson, this man is so fucking sexy, I want an appointment with him When Lisa confessed her fantasy to him, he puts all his effort in doing it great, both of them enjoyed but he was so worried about her pleasure and expectative It s so sexy But this man is a real Dom, you can t forget it because he ll assure it in every chapter

    I will put the gag back in your mouth, and fuck your throat, and you will have no choice about it, do you understand

    In spite of both of them are Dom sub, they didn t fall in that dynamic instantly, their real personalities and desires always are present but they have a past hunting them That s refreshing The Dom sub relationship is going to develop slowly but thoroughly.Another pro I found in this book was the research, the author knows very well the BDSM scene, this book is so different to her another series I read before The Professor s pet , so she doesn t repeat herself, that s great and unusual.

    I could either ignore that he d called me a naughty girl and kiss him, or I tell him what I really wanted I could confess that I wanted him to put me over his lap and spank me for being naughty But, like I said, most nice guy couldn t handle this I decide to hint, just a little Yes, I am being such a naughty girl

    The cons are two little things with the edition the dialogues structure sometimes is difficult know who is talking, and again the.But, between the flawless characters she made, the ultimate steamy scenes she wrote, and the erotic storyline you would find yourself turning the pages so quickly you ll forget the other things.

    Then the spanking started, and I had no room for thought any At first, he was gentle, the strokes falling evenly on my naked exposed butt He alternated cheeks, got a steady rhythm going, sliding his palm against my heated ass between the strokes I was squirming around his lap, enjoying the feeling of his hand striking my skin responding to the sound of his hand as it made contact, reveling in the heat that rose in my skin.

    My rate is 4.5 stars because this book is a and I m dying for read of this series.Hot and well researched, this is a very good execution of the author.

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    Book Received by Author for TPE BAR in exchange for a honest review A first medical play for me, interestingly I liked it Different but engaging Lisa has all she wants and had a pretty stable life now All that is missing is a relationship, she s had some but was left unfulfilled What she craves is out of the norm for good guys Patrick a Doctor that hasn t dated in a while, either too busy or not finding anything lasting He goes out with friends and their wives, bully him into speaking to a hot woman at a table in front of them As they meet he wouldn t be classified as a Dom, but she wouldn t be titled as a sub After a impromptu spanking, and amazing sex Lisa tells Patrick of her fantasy not sure why she told him, maybe because she felt so at ease with him after one night and a few orgasms later Lisa finds herself embarrassed by her fantasy most normal men thought she was weird I was able to read this in one night, Id have liked the characters to be filled out just a bit The Story line was good but it did seem a bit rushed Any book that has a BDSM element to it and mentions Safe Words is always good I enjoyed it I m sure you will also I may just have to look into Doctor Dom 2, smiles.

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    Honestly, this is the first book I ve ever read from Tara Crescent and she instantly became my favourite I love medical play and this book is totally worth it to read.The heroine, Lisa Preston still mourns over her deceased husband who is also his Dom Lisa and Patrick met in a club and the attraction is mutual From one night stand leads to another night The story has a fast paced story line and I can t wait to read the next sequel I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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    Ok, I wouldn t mind dating a hot Doctor I haven t played doctor since I was about 4 years old behind the garage of the neighbor boys house and we did a bit of the, I ll show you mine if you ll show me yours Ok that isn t actually playing doctor, we just told our parents we were after we got caught Since then I never thought about it again, but now I am thinking it is pretty hot Though this book is all BDSM and kink so you have to be in the right mindset to read it This Doctor is pretty sexy, and certainly has that take charge attitude, but I like him.

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    Erotica Freebie BDSM MedicalPlay

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