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summary By the Light of the Study Lamp, series By the Light of the Study Lamp, book By the Light of the Study Lamp, pdf By the Light of the Study Lamp, By the Light of the Study Lamp 0c96410c17 Jean And Louise Dana Are Given A Valuable Study Lamp By Their Uncle Ned The Girls Plan To Place It In Their Study Room At Starhurst When They Return For Their Sopho Year But Before The Girls Leave, The Lamp Is Stolen After The Sisters Return To Starhurst, They Discover The Lamp In A Secondhand Shop And Buy It Back Unwittingly, The Girls Make An Enemy Of Their Classmate, Lettie Briggs, Not Only Because The Girl Had Planned To Buy The Lamp But Because The Danas Room Is The One Lettie Wanted To Have At StarhurstThe Danas Are Overjoyed When They Discover That Their Friend Evelyn Starr Has Returned To Starhurst Evelyn S Family Once Owned Starhurst, But Evelyn And Her Brother Now Have Very Little Money, And Evelyn Is Unsure That She Can Pay For The Tuition The Danas Hope That They Can Find A Way To Help Evelyn Stay At Starhurst, Little Realizing That The Solution To Evelyn S Problem Is Held Within The Antique Study Lamp

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    Even though Thomas Wolfe was right you can t go home again, it was still fun to re discover the Dana Girls This is the first book in the series of mysteries I read as a very young girl Perhaps the most amusing part of this book which was originally published in 1934 was the amusing and intrepid behaviour of the young heroines.They raced after bad guys borrowed brand new cars from virtual strangers these are high school sophos doing this and decide they d first try to solve a robbery themselves rather than report it to the police Innocent times, for sure.These are companion books to the famous Nancy Drew mysteries which have recently been published again in their original language It is kind of fun to read about the girls in their roadster, carrying their torch to see in the dark The dark side of these sweet books is that when judged by today s standard of political correct language they sterotype anyone who is not an upper middle class WASP and I d forgotten how common that kind of thinking was.

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    I read this series so long ago, that it is difficult to remember details All I remember now is that I liked the Dana Girls better than Nancy Drew, although I don t remember why It may have been the whole boarding school scene that appealed to me.

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    I must say I wasn t a fan of the Dana Girls, the crime solving sister sleuths who were stop 2 on my tour of 1930s girls mystery series While I appreciate formulaic fiction with the best of them and find it very cool that there was formula fiction in the 1930 featuring girls doing something other than cooking or sewing or preparing to be Mrs June Cleaver in another decade or two, I found it hard okay, impossible to look past the incredible sense of entitlement that Jean and Louise displayed In the opening chapters the girls seemed less horrified that someone broke into their home and robbed them than they did that someone had the nerve to take their special present, and this feeling of just a bit off of the normal emotional response continued throughout the scene where the police officer arrests them on suspicion of grand theft auto was particularly grating, especially since the girls had in fact stolen the car from the man who originally stole the car from its owner and offered no defense of themselves other than their status as students as at the nearby boarding school The hated Lettie, the girls arch nemesis at boarding school, felt uncomfortably similar to Jean and Louise themselves although unfortunately cursed with larger feet than our heroines , and all the way throughout the novel both girls were constantly obsessed with material objects first and human safety second pick up the shiny watch on the ground or make sure the battered woman lying next to it is okay Why, pick up the watch, of course The battered woman probably stole it in the first placeI was also disappointed at how little this novel read like a 1930s boarding school story While the primary action takes place at school and the girls enjoy the lack of parental involvement supervision occasioned by the location, the rest of the formula was entirely wrong No challenging home situations, no threat of poverty, no outsider looking in status, no effort to fit in, no ultimate acceptance due to hard work and kindness instead, all we had were rich, spoiled girls who were assured of their place in the world and that rules were made for everyone but them.

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    This series seems comparable to Nancy Drew in a number of ways I ve only read the first entry so I can t say that they are for sure.It s a simple fast paced read, nothing too thrilling or overly exciting The violence in this book was in line with the violence in the 1980 s 1990 s Nancy Drew series, and so was the recklessness of the Dana girls Obviously since this was a Carolyn Keene book written prior to the 1970 s, some racially insensitive material was bound to occur All I will say on that is, lawsy I is tied of dat I se be jes about the happies woman in dis world if all colored folk don t talk like dis in deese books I gwine now.

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    Although the Dana Girls attend boarding school, this is primarily a mystery series, and I always preferred Jean and Louise to Nancy Drew.

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    Read the old versions Much better And interesting the terms they used back then

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    I loved this series of books that I read back in junior high They are from the same syndicate that wrote the Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys, but I much preferred the Dana Girls.

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    Jean and Louise are due back at their school for the beginning of their sopho year As a surprise, their uncle Ned Dana, buys the girls a lamp that is then quickly stolen The girls manage to track down the would be thief but without evidence are forced to concede he may not be the criminal they re looking for Back at school, the girls encounter Lettie Briggs A spoiled, rich girl that has it out for the Dana sisters On top of that, the girls are also trying to help their friend, Evelyn Starr search for her missing brother Phew A lot going on The Dana Girls are a force to be reckoned with They re impetuous Act now, think later type of girls And I was completely okay with that At times, their behavior bordered on insolence But honestly, after reading so many Nancy Drew s, it was a breath of fresh air to see two girls act this way These girls give zero cares Zero All they want, is to catch the criminals and help their friend This book is also set at an all girls boarding school So the girls have to work around the school rules to accomplish their detective endeavors And they have to deal with the aforementioned, Lettie Briggs This girl She s snooty and eager to get the Dana girls in trouble Never works out for her The Dana girls always get her back though Always Did I enjoy this book Surprisingly, yes Like in Nancy Drew, the Dana girls have a suspect early on It s all about gathering evidence against them.There were a few times where I had to suspend belief because some of the action in the book was over the top I figured out the ending early on, too But it was an entertaining read

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    I read a couple of Dana Girls mysteries when I was young and those books are packed in a box somewhere but I really couldn t tell you a thing about them, unlike the Nancy Drew books I read So when I saw a few titles on one of our antique mall expeditions, I decided to get them and give the girls another try By the Light of the Study Lamp 1934 was one of the books I picked up a good place to start since it s the first of the series.In their first adventure, Louise and Jean receive a surprise present from their Uncle Ned a beautiful antique study lamp that they plan to use when they return to Starhurst their boarding school But not long after they open the present, the lamp is stolen from their home The girls are disappointed and arrive at Starhurst in a subdued mood, but are heartened when Mrs Crandall, the head of the school tell them that they have been assigned the second floor study room that they had requested the previous term Their good fortune earns them an enemy in Lettie Briggs, a spoiled rich girl who had set her sights on that very room Later, they cross her again when they spy a lamp that looks like their stolen present in a local antique shop and buy it Lettie had been in the shop earlier, wanted the lamp, but thought the price too high It winds up that their lampand their study roomis the center of an old mystery Their friend Evelyn Starr used to live at Starhurst when her family was wealthy and owned the property But misfortune struck, the family jewels were lost, and Evelyn s brother can barely afford to send his sister to the school in their old home There are clues to be found in the study and the Danas are led through a maze of crooked shopkeepers, crafty gypsies, and a suspicious handyman before they solve the mystery and come to the aid of their friend.The Dana Girls are obviously molded in the pattern of Nancy Drew though they are orphans and don t have a wealthy father to provide all their needs The mystery is very like those solved by Nancy and the girls show the same resourcefulness and independence This is a fun, simple mystery from a simpler time I will say that I don t particularly care for the mean girls story line where Lettie is set up as their rival and enemy I just don t think that particular angle works well and it definitely is unnecessary If this remains a prominent story element, then I m not sure how many Dana Girls I will pick up and read in the future.First posted on my blog My Reader s Block Please request permission before reposting Thanks.

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    I loved this book This is an amazing sort and adventure with the Dana Girls This series is very similar to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries so if you enjoy reading those types of mysteries you would love this series I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries

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