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pdf The Lord and Mary Ann, ebook The Lord and Mary Ann, epub The Lord and Mary Ann, doc The Lord and Mary Ann, e-pub The Lord and Mary Ann, The Lord and Mary Ann ec1f0e04acc As Has Been Said Before, Mary Ann Shaughnessy Is No Ordinary Child She First Won A Place In The Hearts Of Thousands Of Readers In A Grand Man, Described By Alan Melville In A Broadcast As A Quite Enchanting Novel, Written By Someone Who Obviously Knows The Mind Of A Child As Well As She Knows The Mean Back Streets Of Tyneside Mary Ann Firmly Believed That When Her Father Took On The Farm Job She Had Largely Contrived To Find For Him, He Would Be Set For Life Away From The Temptations Of The Town, Doing The Kind Of Work He Was Meant For, He Must Slowly But Surely Turn Into The Angelic Being Mary Ann Knew Him To Be But Mary Ann Did Not Count On The Frailties Of Human Nature Nor The Sheer Contrariness Of Others, Which Destroyed All Her Well Laid PlansIn This Second Novel Of The Shaughnessy Saga, Mary Ann Returns In This Delightful, Warm Hearted And Humorously Observed Story Of Life Set In Northern England

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    I am making a list of all the books I have loved and enjoyed and was surprised by how many Catherine Cookson stories I have read Then again she was a brilliant writer and I had such pleasure in every book I read The dusting could always wait if I had a Catherine Cookson book in my hand.Loved the books and I loved the films that where created from these stories.Thank you Catherine Cookson for all the happy hours I spent reading your books.

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    Mary Ann is up to her usual mischief in the second novel of the Mary Ann series She is still eight years old, but this novel has a bit less of the childlike feel to it than did the first one In this one, Mary Ann and her ma and da and brother Michael are living on a farm Her father has quit drinking for the time being Mary Ann has developed a bit of a relationship with the owner of the farm, Mr Lord She has quite a few not so companionable relationships as well, namely with her nemisis, Sarah Flannigan and another young farm girl, Lena Her friendship with Mr Lord is the cause of much jealousy to the other two young girls and Mary Ann is constantly fighting with one of them and then repenting to her beloved Father Owen There is a few laughs in this one My poor husband has once again been jarred awake in the middle of night due to my laughing my arse off while reading in bed I really do need to get him some ear plugs It is not all laughter and fun tho, as Mary Ann s mother has a former suitor reappear in her life, causing Mike Mary Ann s da some distress Will Mike hit the bottle again If he does, will he lose his job Mary Ann continues appealing to both Father Owen and the Holy Family as she calls them, but can they help her this time Cute story, tho not quite hitting the BEST OF CATHERINE COOKSON mark.

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    I read all of Catherine Cookson s books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley I recently re read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed However I m sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

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    Mary Ann, a young school girl is befriended by her father s employer, Mr Lord Mr Lord takes kindly to Mary Ann s family and when her father has a disastrous accident, Mary Ann suggests to the Lord that her father could be employed in a different manner Cheeky Mary Ann has success with her suggestion and all fares well for the family a good family read.

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    This is even better than the first one I felt like the characters were developed, and I grew attached I love the spunk of little Mary Ann, and so does everyone else, epecially Mr Lord, the grumpy old owner of the farm I hope to read the rest of the series.

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    A cute novel about a young primary school girl and all the funny things she gets herself into and how she connives to get her own way She gets herself in lots of tangles but always seems to come up like a rose especially with her help from Father Owen and the Holy Family A fun short read.

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    First grown up book I ever read, at about 10yr old Author and story are from the town where I grew up south sheilds in uk and her books gave me a love of reading.

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    2nd in series.

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