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pdf Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) , ebook Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) , epub Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) , doc Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) , e-pub Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) , Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, #2) 6bbca8069b1 I M Dan Smith, And I M Currently Living Two Lives Maybe Even Three If You Really Look Into It Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, And Isla All Exist In One Or Of Them SomehowAm I A Supporting Role In Their Stories, Or Are They Merely Characters In Mine You DecideHaley Told Her Story Now I Ll Tell MineShe Said He SaidThis Is My StoryWarning Some Explicit Language And Sexual ContentNote This IS A Full Length Novel At , Words It Is Just Slightly Longer Than A Is For Alpha Male

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    It was my unbelievable luck that I was provided an ARC of Secret Alpha in exchange for an honest review It is my honor to do so And before I tell you what I thought of this book, I want to first tell you that I am not that great with words Nevertheless I hope my review convinces you to read it You will be doing yourself a huge favor by reading this series I can promise you you will not be disappointed Now, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK And that is an understatement I am not even sure that there are words in the English dictionary that can provide the most accurate description of my love for this book I thought it was perfect From start to finish It is like you are reading a completely different book except for Haley and Dan s interactions and conversations which are even funnier and romantic the second time Finding out everything that is Dan Fucking Smith and how he came to be From when he was a child and how Wade entered his life We got to see his relationship with Wade We got to see Dan in action with his work And we got inside his head His words were perfect Everything he thought and said about Haley are things so many woman dream and hope that one day a man will feel about them But I would gladly stand well within the blast radius just to feel a ray of her warmth heating the layers of my skin and settling deep into my chest, feeding my heart and, ultimately, pumping it s way around my entire body I d had plenty of sex over the years, but I had never felt anything like this This was life changing This was the kind of thing I d die to keep I got butterflies in my stomach countless times throughout this book I got chills And I cried during the epilogue All I m missing is the name, but I m begging you to let that one, little detail go, make me the happiest man alive, and promise to be in my life, in my bed, and in my heart for the rest of your ever loving life Sigh Laurel, your writing is amazing This is what reading is all about Falling so deeply in love with a book and each character Letting it take you away to a world that is not your own even if it is just for a little while In fact I am still there And I will be for a few days I m sure I did not want to finish this book tonight I wanted to try and prolong the inevitable Let the book hangover commence

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    Secret Alpha by Laurel Ulen CurtisCompanion Male POV to A is for Alpha Male which should be read first.Humorous at times romance.My biggest surprise read of 2013 was a little book called A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen Curtis One of my favorite reads of the year, it made me laugh and swoon I just fell in love with the characters Haley and Allison, daughter and mother, went on a road trip in search of their very own Kristen Ashley alpha male Not only did I love all of the references to my favorite author, I just fell in love with Laurel s writing and the characters.Years of brain cell abuse has made my memory suck I remembered I loved A is for Alpha Male I remembered the characters, but I forgot some really important parts Luckily, Secret Alpha , the companion novel from the male POV Danny filled in the blanks nicely, though I was a little worried for the first two chapters.Then I fell in love again As soon as Dan sees Haley for the first time, the magic struck again NOTE This book pretty much stands on it s own, but it will will ruin A is for Alpha Male for you and it won t be nearly as good if you don t read that first And you should, you really, really should If love were a location, it would be a paradoxical mixture of the safest place on earth and the most vulnerable While A is for Alpha Male is about a mother daughter journey as well as a romance, Secret Alpha is just as much about Dan and Wade s journey Wade adopted the poor, broken boy who watched his family get killed, and has been with him ever since Sometimes it just takes one person One person to fight for you, try for you to be the filler to every last void in your life One person to make you want to keep living Wade was that for me And I had the sneaking suspicion, that I was that person for him Dan had secrets His whole life was a secret We didn t know what what was really going on in A is for Alpha Male because we saw what Haley saw In Secret Alpha, we see the whole story that we didn t even know we were missing.We get to see Danny before he meets Haley He s had nameless, faceless women because his line of work forces him to stay unattached He s getting tired of the pussy parade No thank you to the free vagina I ll pass on the promotion today He can t lose focus now, but when Haley enters the bar, she is like a tornado that you can t help but get sucked into I d be scared to see what happened if you tied her up and left her immobile all day, and then released her, the freedom to explode taking over and leaving gooey bits of crazy all over the place I love seeing Haley and Allison s crazy personalities from the outside, and even , I loved how Dan o loved every single thing about his cute, crazy Hales Watching her continually increase her ridiculousness in an attempt to pull my attention was half the fun I was curious to see how far she would go, how much of a show she would put on.Maybe if I was really lucky, she would take off her top Jump around a little bit We got to see where Danny was when he didn t call for a few days Being that he was in a pretty crappy place, and that this was his book, Secret Alpha had a darker feel While A is for Alpha Male is all silly and light, Secret Alpha shows the light Haley brings in to Danny s life, and I really enjoyed that He s had it so rough for so long I tried to be serious, but come on She was naked In my lap On my motorcycle And she was giving me one of her signature comical rants I was in heaven, and the smile on my face reflected that You re like a Secret Alpha Controlling the situation by using ass backward Jedi mind tricks Ha Secret Alpha I liked that Likes You didn t need to remember the details of the first book In some ways it may be better not to remember This was a very separate story, in most parts it didn t feel like the same story from a different POV This book fit together like a zipper with A is for Alpha Male, filling in all of the empty holes we didn t even know were there I loved seeing Haley and Allison from the outside I fell in love with them again in this book Seeing the light that Haley brought into Danny s life The fact that he loved her crazy ways Laurel never turned Danny into a wuss, which many authors tend to do when they write a male in love POV Danny s opinion of Kristen Ashley s books The deep story and connection between Wade and Danny Watching Haley with her mom, I had longed for that kind of overbearing love What I didn t realize was that I already had it, it was just dressed down and undecorated, just like our man cave of a house Dislikes It took a bit to get into the groove Wasn t as fun as the first I wish I saw of the reunion at the end Rating 4.5 Stars, 3.5 HeatThough I loved Secret Alpha, it didn t make me giddy and want to run around hugging my Kindle it wasn t as fun of a read, but it really shouldn t be, since it s Danny s book I knew I wanted a little in A is for Alpha Male, but I had no idea there was this much Secret Alpha was sexy and fun, and the way it worked seamlessly with A is for Alpha Male makes it seem as if this entire story was fleshed out before a word for either was typed Now let s see Wade and Allison get their own stories Wade, especially needs some love She was to me as her characters were to her entertaining even with the simplest of tasks and eye catching in a way that you couldn t look away And real So fucking real it almost hurt I used this in my A is for Alpha Male Review, but this scene was in Secret Alpha as well, and I still love it.Purchase A is for Alpha Male by Laurel Ulen CurtisA is for Alpha Male target _blank BN.com See my 5 star reviewPurchase Secret Alpha BN.com

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    I won an early release copy of this book and couldn t wait to read it So first things first 1 This is not just a retelling of A is for Alpha Male from Danny s perspective While there are some of the same scenes from his side, there is a whole lot We get to learn a lot about Danny and what he was thinking in regards to Haley 2 This can totally be read as a Stand Alone You do not have to have read A is for Alpha to enjoy this book Although I totally suggest you do because Haley is a riot And while she s in this book too you get a lot of her antics in that book because Danny wasn t always with her So now onto this book Is it wrong that I loved this than Haley s POV I mean how Ms Curtis was able to write a book from a male POV and have me believing it was really a man I mean we all know how men think, but none of our women thoughts snuck in there AMAZING I give all authors credit when they can successfully write from the opposite sexes point of view cause let s face it, lots try and fail miserably So kudos to her on a job well done Likes A true contemporary romance Although both characters have the inclination they are right for each other, there is the buildup to get them together There is lots of fun and even setbacks I hate that I LOVE you immediately and then there is nothing but sex for the whole book And this has an added twist because both characters fight it Danny s frankness with everyone and that includes the reader I love that she didn t change the basics of the story She followed the timeline to a T which allows the reader to see what Danny was going through or thinking It s just an easy read Ms Curtis writes in a way that is smooth, easy to read and get lost in Dislikes To be honest, at this exact moment I really can t think of any Okay so MAYBE I would have liked to have seen of the time Danny and Haley spent alone, or a little of his interaction with Hunter BUT that not being there does not take away from the book it just would have been a little extra All in all this is a solid 4.5 Star review Sorry I am super stingy with my 5 stars And I never leave quotes because I think it takes away from the experience of reading the book for the first time But I loved this one so I have to include it If you can t be a procrastinator when you grow up, you really can t be anything like everyone says you can Cause I am a lifelong procrastinator And I will leave you with this My honest to goodness hope that Ms Curtis has every intention of bringing us Wade s story Would love to see him find love, and with that we would get the added bonus of a little Danny and some of Haley s craziness Please Laurel

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    Alpha all the way 5 Received an ARC from the awesome AUTHOR for an honest review I LOOOOOVED THIS ONE Okay so this is from Dan o s POV and we found out what he s been up to all the while Hales was on the road trip I ve always had a soft spot for male POVs and this one was beautifully written I loved the little details that we missed in the first book and I was like oh that s what happened.A lot of things are cleared off in this one And Dan o makes you love him even Is that even possible YES IT IS.Laurel is a seriously crafty writer, she incorporated all the unsolved mysteries from A is for Alpha Male The beach scene, the ways he gets his numbers and caller tune changed all is explained And then there was the conversation with Allison OMG I got all teary just from reading those precious few lines.I loved how he explains his feelings over reading KA s books and how he can totally relate I frigging loved how Laurel adds snippets of KA male behavior into this book and alll done seamlessly.So for me this is a must read It has a little bit of angst and a whole lot of laughter, sweetness and Alpha male in it.

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    I absolutely freaking loved it It was so nice to get inside Dan s head and see the story from his side Even though its a companion novel, and you or less know whats coming, it s still like reading a completely different book and there are still plenty of surprises.I really really hope there are books in this series I reckon Wade needs a HEA, not to mention Hunter..Great, Great series not to mention one fabulously talented author

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    I loved this book Definitely much better than the first book and I liked seeing the story from Dan s POV The writing really did get better with this book and I basically read every word I thought it was a great book but the downside is that you need to read the first book to get the right experience with this book Dan is actually an alpha though in the first book he doesn t seem like one I would re read this book again but not the first one.

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    ARC Received Laurel does it again As I ve said before reviews are not my forte, but seeing things through Danny s POV helps solve some of the mysterious happenings in Alpha Male that were only insinuated They have a love that most would kill for, and Haley s sarcasm is just as vibrant Love this couple and can t wait to hear Hunter s and Allison s story Hint hint

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    WARNING Do not read this book if you have not read A is for Alpha Male Dare to dream, Wade Sometimes, it s all we have Haley Whitfield is one of my absolute favorite heroines, and A is for Alpha Male sits on my all time favorite list When I heard that the author was going write a book from Danny s point of view, my first thought was sign me up baby I knew that watching him experience Haley s personal brand of crazy while falling hard for her was going to be just as much fun as experiencing it from Haley s POV, and Ms Curtis did not prove me wrong We get the added bonus of all new story pieces filling in the blanks regarding what was happening in Danny s life before he met the Whitfields, during their initial time together and while Haley and Allison went on their road trip.I adore Haley s outgoing personality and crazy antics, and it was such fun to revisit her banter with Allison and Danny Seeing Danny s interactions with Wade, the only family that he has, was definitely a bright spot as well I am seriously hoping to see him get his own story at some point His love for Danny is obvious in this book, and you can just tell that he has a lot to say with a painful back story hidden just out of sight As you experience their lives through Danny s eyes, you realize that Danny survived his childhood, but he never really kept living after Wade took him until Haley turned his world upside down as she simultaneously frustrated the hell out of him and captivated him In Secret Alpha, we get a little action and adventure, a little suspense, a lot of goofy fun and a whole lot of smiles The author managed to surprise me with a few twists that she threw into the story, and that was definitely an unexpected albeit pleasant occurrence If there was one thing that would end up on my wish list for this book, it would be interaction between Danny and Hunter toward the end Their reunion was a little different than I had set it up in mind and that was one of the fun twists for me But it just felt a little anti climactic when they did finally get to talk Suffice it to say, if you have read A is for Alpha Male, there is still much to be experienced in Secret Alpha that is not just a re telling of book 1 Go grab yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy the ride it is so worth it Quotes all are from unedited ARC and may differ in final version I d be scared to see what happened if you tied her up and left her immobile all day, and then released her, the freedom to explode taking over and leaving gooey bits of crazy all over the place. Watching her continually increase her ridiculousness in an attempt to pull my attention was half the fun I was curious to see how far she would go, how much of a show she would put on. How many times could you suffer from blue balls before there were lasting effects I sure as hell hoped it was a lot. I always knew a good way to know if someone was a fit for you was to take their most annoying quality and magnify it by 1000 If you were still interested in prolonged periods of time with that very annoying habit, you stood a chance. Watching Haley with her mom, I had longed for that kind of overbearing love What I didn t realize was that I already had it, it was just dressed down and undecorated, just like our man cave of a house. Sometimes the tracks of the karma train are long, but they always circle back.And my absolute favorite from both books If love were a location, it would be a paradoxical mixture of the safest place on earth and the most vulnerable

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    I was given this book as an arc in exchange for an honest review.Secret Alpha reflects on the previous book, A is for Alpha Male, but from Dan fucking Smiths point of view A is for Alpha Male was about a journey that was taken by Haley and her mother Allison The journey was to find an Alpha Male for each of them the likes of which had been depicted in all of Kristen Ashley s books, which is where their reference of an Alpha Male came from , however where their journey was light, fun, crazy, interesting and beautiful Dan s book was altogether gritty I was alive And that could only mean one thing The Barstard wanted to play Firstly let me say that you could probably read this book as a standalone, but I wouldn t advise it There would be too many unexplained conversation s from Hales side of things that wouldn t make much sense if you did I was worried, as I always am with second books that are from another characters perspective, that it would fall short I needn t have worried, this book added another layer to the story, a side that was previously hidden and had us all in the dark just like Hales The prologue brought me to tears, not because it was upsetting but because it was beautiful, when a book starts like that you know you re set for a wonderful journey The way the relationship between Dan and Wade started and the deep connection they had was brilliantly exposed Sometimes it just takes one person One person to fight for you be the filler to every last void in your life One person to make you want to keep living.Wade was that for me.And I had a sneaking suspicion that I was that person for him The depth of love that Wade has for Danny is precious The sheen of his eyes met mine, and one corner of his mouth curved up slightly You ve been perfect Danny With me, all you ever have to be is you When he starts spending time with Hales you learn how he really feels about her and all her crazy and it s heartwarming She was to me as her characters were to her entertaining even with the simplest of tasks and eye catching in a way that you couldn t look away And real So fucking real it almost hurt You get to live his life through his eyes, you can feel his anguish, he is torn between what he needs to do and all that s expected of him, and what he wants to do, where his heart is and what he s always craved He is living a double life that he never planned for and it s tearing him apart In this book I found I loved Danny s assessment of the relationship between Haley and Allison, it was a take on their relationship from someone not involved directly in it, and their closeness was very well communicated Allison is portrayed as genuinely compassionate and fiercely loving too We ve loved you every single second of these last twenty two years God saved you for a reason, honey I would like to see books for both Allison and Wade and maybe Hunter too, as I feel these characters deserve their own stories I m glad this book had an epilogue, it felt like the right place to end There is always room for them to return in any other books that may be written in the future I feel like this book was needed we as readers needed to know what happened to Dan while Hales was away, we needed to know how he felt and what was going on in his mind It was clear from the start that Dan was a lot complex than was shown in the first book, he was very astute, intelligent, brave and honourable He felt deeply and his past haunted him His story was fabulous and he deserved it to be told.

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    4.5 Star Review by Jen SkewesA is for Alpha Male was one of my favorite reads of last year I freakin loved Dan Fucking Smith So much that I wished I had a Dan Smith of my own When I found out that Ms Curtis was writing the book from his POV of was ecstatic I could not wait to get inside his head, to see his feeling for Haley and find out exactly what he did while she was on the road And after reading Secret Alpha I may just love Dan Smith even What I loved about this book was that we get to see what happened to Dan when he was younger and how he came to live with Wade We see him as a scared little boy when he lost his parents and then quickly see the man that he is today Now when we first meet Dan some of his man whorish ways were a little surprising to me Not that I expected him to be a monk prior to meeting Haley but I didn t expect my Dan Smith to be that way Just to be clear it didn t bother me in the least but just didn t know that about himlol His job doesn t allow him to settle down and live the life that he may want It s like he lived two different lives and he needs to keep them separate Which is why he basically has meaningless sex with different woman, never looking back But that all changes when Haley walks through the bar that he works at He knows from the moment he sees her that there is something special about her, even before realizing who she really is Haley is on a road trip with her mother, like a quest to find the perfect man Dan knows that he is that man and wants a life with Haley But his job is holding him back from that He needs to make some things happen before he can even think of settling down and telling Haley how he feels Haley continues on her road trip with her mother while Dan tries to sort out his life What I loved about this book was that we get to see what Dan did for a living and how it would affect his pursuit of a relationship with Haley We see how much he wanted to maker her his and see his true feelings for her And we also see his sneaky ways and the lengths he will go to keep her safe.Secret Alpha was everything I hoped for Do you have to read A is for Alpha Male prior to reading this one No But it is definitely recommended It will help you understand Haley and her relationship with her mother and the reasons for their hunt for the perfect alpha male Dan Smith is still just as amazing, charming, funny, sexy, swoon worthy and all alpha male in this book I loved experiencing this story from his point of view And to be honest while there were scenes that overlapped from the first book I never felt like I was reading it all over again It felt like I was reading the scene for the first time If you have not met Dan Smith yet the you must read this book Loved it I cannot wait for Alison s book.

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