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chapter 1 Byron and the Beauty , meaning Byron and the Beauty , genre Byron and the Beauty , book cover Byron and the Beauty , flies Byron and the Beauty , Byron and the Beauty e57f25141f513 Byron And The Beauty Is Very Loosely Based On Byron S Biography And Takes Place During Two Weeks Of October During His Visit To The Balkans Muharem Bazdulj Marvelously Combines Facts With Imagination, History, And Romance, Resulting In An Exceptionally Beautiful Novel Lord Byron Ends Up Experiencing And Embodying The Lyrical Balkan Condition Of Unrequited Love Called Sevdah, But His Valiant Behavior Also Lands Him In A Regional Folk Song This Nod To Changing Cultural Production In The Ottoman Lands Calls To Mind The Works Of Ismail Kadare From Coffee To Customary Law, From Courtship Rituals To The Culture Of Conversation, Byron Navigates The Invigorating Culture Of The Balkans With The Help Of His Muslim And Jewish Guides Connoisseurs Of Byron Studies Will Find Here An Exciting Reworking Of The Great Poet S Youth And Also Ample Reflections On His World View And Literary Influences

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    This latest release from Istros Books is a fictional account of Lord Byron s tour around parts of the Ottoman Empire in 1809 during which trip he is the guest of a local Albanian ruler, Ali Pasha The story takes place during a period of two weeks on his travels when Byron is accompanied by a retinue of English servants as well as his good friend John Hobhouse As they reach the city of Ali Pasha, they are greeted by a severed arm that is hanging from a tree and being slowly eaten by birds of prey There is an undercurrent of uneasiness throughout their stay in Yannina as they immediately understand that the political and social landscape of The Ottoman Empire is very different from England.When Byron and his retinue arrive in Yannina, Ali Pasha is not at his palace because he is off in the north fending off one of his enemies So Byron is entertained and shown around the town by a man named Isak, who is a personal doctor of this local despot Isak has lived all over Europe and his English is quite good so he serves as Byron s interpreter He also tells Byron many stories about the Balkans and also educates him about Eastern European customs The most important lesson Isak teaches Byron is about the Balkan words Dert and Sevdah, which mean a yearning and a craving desire, love and passion In the Balkans there is a woman born once every three hundred years, Isak tells him, who are known for their beauty throughout the Empire Men feel Dert and Sevdah if they are lucky enough to set their eyes on one these beauties who are usually hidden by their families until they are given away to a Prince for marriage.One such woman, whose name is Zuleiha, is rud to be in the vicinity of Yannina Isak starts acting very strangely when he hears this rumor and he disappears for long periods of time in an attempt to get information on her whereabouts Byron listens to Isak s story about this beautiful woman, but to him it is just a story, just a myth, until Byron sets eyes on Zuleiha himself.It is apparent that Ali Pasha will not make it home in time to greet his British guest, so he invites them to his palace in the north Byron and his fellow travelers are accompanied by Isak on a long, arduous journey during the rainy season through the Balkans The rain is so intense at one point that they have to take shelter in a cave and then in a han, which is the Balkan word for hotel It is at this han that Byron gets a glimpse at the rare beauty of Zuleiha Byron is instantly smitten with her and at the sight of this woman he fully comprehends the meanings of Dert and Sevdah.The exciting culmination of the book deals with Byron s crazy plan to win Zuleiha as his wife I thoroughly enjoyed the entire story which, although brief, brought to life the personal details about this famous English poet We experience the fascinating mythology, cultural and landscape of the Balkans through Byron s point of view and we better understand its influence on Byron s writings When I was reading this book the image of Byron in his elaborate Albanian costume, which in the book is given to him as a gift, kept coming to mind.For of my reviews visit www.thebookbindersdaughter.com

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