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pdf Bloom , ebook Bloom , epub Bloom , doc Bloom , e-pub Bloom , Bloom 34d0b647aa4 Now That High School Is Over, Ari Is Dying To Move To The Big City With His Ultra Hip Band If He Can Just Persuade His Dad To Let Him Quit His Job At Their Struggling Family Bakery Though He Loved Working There As A Kid, Ari Cannot Fathom A Life Wasting Away Over Rising Dough And Hot Ovens But While Interviewing Candidates For His Replacement, Ari Meets Hector, An Easygoing Guy Who Loves Baking As Much As Ari Wants To Escape It As They Become Closer Over Batches Of Bread, Love Is Ready To Bloom That Is, If Ari Doesn T Ruin EverythingWriter Kevin Panetta And Artist Savanna Ganucheau Concoct A Delicious Recipe Of Intricately Illustrated Baking Scenes And Blushing Young Love, In Which The Choices We Make Can Have Terrible Consequences, But The People Who Love Us Can Help Us Grow

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    I am such a sucker for soft, queer boys MY HEART.

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    this was so adorable if you re looking for two soft boys baking and falling in love, look no further

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    I don t know exactly what led me to read Bloom , the wonderful new graphic novel by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau, especially considering that I had read exactly one graphic novel before this, and it didn t quite make an impact on me But something about this story of friendship, love, family, and baking captured my attention, and it has definitely piqued my interest in reading graphic novels in the future.Ari s family owns a bakery that has fallen on hard times They re struggling to make ends meet, hoping they won t have to close Even though Ari loved baking with his father as a child, the last thing he wants to do now is spend his days slaving over hot ovens He isn t quite sure what he wants to do now that high school is over, although he and his friends are talking about trying to make it with their band But his parents need him to help them for as long as it takes.In an effort to find a way out of the bakery, Ari places an ad looking for a replacement He finds Hector, a young man in town recovering after the death of his grandmother, who loves baking than anything else As Hector breathes new life into the bakery, he and Ari begin to develop a friendship, the intensity of which surprises both of them This relationship could be the start of something special if only Ari s impulsive behavior doesn t ruin everything.Ganucheau s illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and they are full of emotion and life At times I found myself re reading portions of the book so I could spend some time concentrating on the illustrations This is a simple story, but it had so much heart, and I found myself rooting for Ari and Hector s relationship to flourish, even when Ari screwed things up.Graphic novels may not be for everyone Honestly, I might have thought I was one of those people until I read Bloom It put a smile on my face and charmed me completely Can you really ask for anything from a book See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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    I plan on re reading and re reviewing this because the below review is absolute sh t I was having a really crummy day but then I decided to read my ARC of this It was so fun and easy to read A great story that took my emotions for a ride Thank you to First Second for providing me with an ARCBottom Line 5 Stars Yuri on Icing Age Recommendation 13 Occasional swearing, brief kiss Cover 3 5Plot 4 5Characters 5 5Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Buy Reddit

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    I just want everyone on this planet to read this lovely queer graphic novel Is that too much to ask I have no idea though why this book was published in FEBRUARY because it is 100% a summer read and for a second there, after finishing it, I wondered if the snow outside had perhaps melted AS IF Regardless, it made me long for summer even than I already am and that s quite alright Summer means no school, means exams are over, means summer trip if my passport ever arrives I feel all the motivated to get through this last month of classes if what awaits at the end of the dark tunnel is a beautiful light that will tan my skin But back to the story It follows Ari Aristotle who works at his family s bakery but all he really wants is to move in with his band and pursue his love of music That is, until he meets Hector, who reminds him that there is a lot of beauty in his life already I am one for slow burns so I felt like I hit the jackpot with this book It reminded me of Taproot by Keezy Young, another beautiful queer graphic novel that made my insides melt The reason why I can t give it five stars is because, while Ari Hector s relationship was wonderful and rekindled my love of love, Ari s relationship with his friends frustrated me At times, I was even confused does Ari have feelings for Cameron Does Hannah have feelings for Ari These things were not well addressed The artwork does, however, deserve five shiny stars And I want Pleeeaaase Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    3.5 starsI saw so many glowing reviews for this that I basically harrassed my library into buying a copy, but I m sad that my lasting impression of it is that is was just kinda average There were certainly things I loved about it like the character development and the setting at a bakery and the gorgeous art style and how Hector would call Ari out when he was being a baby or manipulative, but I thought the rest of the plot was just kinda typical Small town, summer, slow burn romance, family drama, a mistake that leads to family drama and a breakup, then they make up It felt pretty formulaic and stereotypical, so I was never really shocked or emotional at anything that happened Also, Ari irritated me for most of the book, even though I know he was purposefully characterized as sensitive and sort of passive Those moments were just frustrating for me, and I don t feel like we got to see enough of him growing out of that before the book ended I think the struggle was realistic for Ari to not know what he wanted to do with his life, but that subplot almost seems unsolved by the end of this This book was definitely beautiful and had cute and meaningful moments, but I just feel like I ve read it before If you like any of the elements I mentioned earlier, though, it s worth the read.

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    I just want all the soft queer baking stories of ever This was such a ME graphic novel, set in a bakery in a quiet seaside town Ari was a totally rumpled disaster, sensitive and explosive, while Hector was a solid and quiet force who loved baking and giving second chances They meshed so well together, like the intense cuteness leveless were just I also loved how Ari s family was Greek and there was loving family culture in there too.I did so feel for Ari, with the whole I wanna do something but I don t know what it is and that franticness to leave home and pursue music and just BE EVERYTHING Except it s not making him happy, it s making him so sad I think he might ve had depression to be honest One of the only downsides I found while reading was I didn t really understand why what Ari was thinking And there were some hug gaps like especially at the end, where a few months past and I m like but what happened in there I need context Overall, I solidly loved it It is just here to make you feel like eating not one bread, but all the bread and would make the absolute cutest ever movie romcom too The art was the besst Ari s adorable adorkable face Also I m really glad Hector drew boundaries so often in his life That was so important and something I don t see discussed in YA very much Go Hector

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    That was adorable

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    I found this book very frustrating.Ostensibly this is a romance between two young men 18 or 19 Although nothing romantic really happens until about two thirds of the way through the book.What frustrated me is that Ari, the character who is working in his dad s bakery, is a selfish, self absorbed, whiny, immature, pouting little brat And I m supposed to think Hector falls in love with him When they finally kiss, I m like, NOoooooooooooooooooooooo Don t kiss him, Hector And that s bad That s not how you should feel when reading a romance You should think the two people falling in love are cute, good people, and deserve each other.Literally the only reason I can see for Hector loving or caring about Ari is because he thinks that Ari is handsome or has a good body That s it Full stop There s literally NOTHING attractive about Ari s sniveling personality He has no work ethic He has no drive He hangs around shitty people who say shitty things and doesn t stand up for himself or others He s passive aggressive He s whiny He s pouty He s like a child and not a happy child A depressed, needy child prone to crying jags.I m all for the idea of this plot baker s son wants to break away from a future of spending his whole life working in his dad s bakery, falls in love with a new man in town who is a strong, responsible, hard working, good person but it falls apart because the baker s son is weak, pathetic and insufferable.Really baffled by this I can t believe I m supposed to rejoice in this love story Instead, it left me feeling like Hector could do WAY better than Ari, deserved WAY than Ari, was going to end up in a relationship where he had to do all the heavy lifting, had to do all of the emotional work, had to baby and take care of his boyfriend, has to hold his boyfriend s hand through every little thing, has to deal with Ari s snits and whiny, crying passive aggressive trash behavior, Who has TIME for this shit Does Hector, who actually functions as an ADULT MAN, want to yoke himself to this CHILD WHY The only possible conceivable answer is that he feels lust for Ari and wants to fuck him That s not what the book says, the book says Hector cares about Ari, but for the love of Pete I don t see how TL DR I know people are all trying to write these cutesy, uplifting little romance graphic novels now I understand it s a thing But I need the two protagonists in the romance who fall in love with each other to both be good people whom I like People who may be flawed, but have enough good, strong personality traits for me to be rooting for them And when two people end up together, I want to feel HAPPY, like both of them have achieved a GOOD THING, and be happy about their pleasant future together, NOT feeling like one has just been sadly burdened with a partner who is emotionally fragile, very insecure, very weak, and whom he will have to delicately and gently care for and look after for their whole entire relationship JFC Poor Hector.Points for the art and for trying But it s a failure I did not support this couple and thought Hector was making a HUGE mistake.

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    so so so sweet and soft

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