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summary Little Doll, series Little Doll, book Little Doll, pdf Little Doll, Little Doll 5ac33546b0 Laila Had Already Overcome Many Heartbreaking Obstacles In Her Twenty Five Years But None Compared To This With Her Brother Missing And No Other Family To Speak Of, Laila Has No Idea Of The Evil That Shadows Her Every Move Now In The Hands Of A Notorious Cartel Family, She Quickly Learns That Trust And Betrayal Are A Deadly Mix Aiden Had A Plan One That Was Operating Smoothly Until Laila Surfaced In His Father S Mansion With Time Against Him, He Must Work Night And Day To Right The Wrongs That Threaten To Expose His Ultimate BetrayalJuan And Aiden Share Many Differences, But The One Thing That Threatens To Tear Their Family Apart Is The One Thing They Want To Claim As Their Own, No Matter What The Costs This Series Continues With Part Two Crimson Desert Bittersweet Duet WARNING This Book Contains Violence, And Sexual Themes Intended For Readers

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    You can t sell me I responded furiously This is America and that bullshit No, bonita, he laughed, taunting me This is Mexico You are no longer in the land of the free In fact, you are now in the land of the scared and the corrupt Dark, disturbing from the get go So intense couldn t put down this five star read Melissa Jane doesn t mess around as she opens a nightmarish world where good deeds go punished On a mission to find her baby brother Ethan before its too late, Laila finds herself on the hot seat in human trafficking and the life she knew. destroyed Not for the feint of heart or those with triggers

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    3.5 Stars Spoiler Alert This is the first time I think I liked the villain than the male hero in a story I find this disturbing and twisted because Juan is not a very nice person and what he did to the heroine was not very nice but the bastard was difficult to hate and he stole every scene he was in.Laila finds herself in a tough situation when she goes searching for her missing brother Naive to her surroundings, she walks right into the hands of Juan, who is part of the Mexican Cartel that trafficks women She finds out that her kidnapping is connected to her brother and she is being used to lure him out of hiding I liked Laila and her spirit to not give up but she was na ve to the people she was dealing with and her behavior had her cruelly beaten She puts her faith in Aiden, the nicer brother of Juan to help her escape.I liked Aiden but his role was predictable and the cliffhanger in the end was not surprising Overall, I still enjoyed the book It was well written and fast paced I m interested to find out how it ends mostly what happens to Juan and will be reading the second part.

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    5 LOVE ME SOME AIDEN STARS LOVED this book Seriously loved it Melissa Jane did an amazing job writing this book and I was SHOCKED to find out that this was the first book she wrote She writes like she s been a published author for years Okay, so I am going to make this quick review because I really don t want to give to much away Let s start with the main characters Laila and AidenLaila was is an amazing and strong heroine We meet her in the beginning during her quest to find her brother Ethan Ethan has been missing for weeks and Laila is certain something is wrong She then finds herself at, what is also described in the book as, the wrong place at the wrong time From there, she is kidnapped Like I said, don t want to give much away, but her story and her strength was really what drew her to me And Aiden OMG Aiden Sexy and mysterious Laila meets Aiden after she is kidnapped From the beginning, you don t know whether to trust Aiden or put him in the category with the evil evil evil men who took her He s a mystery that Laila is intent on figuring out Great chemistry between the two too btw The men who kidnapped Laila are horrible There was not a nice bone in any of their bodies and poor Laila is often the target of their hate because of who she is related to There were many times while reading that I find myself like other times when I was like this basically all of the scenes that have Aiden in them but most of the time, I was like this The end of this book will have you one clicking the next book IMMEDIATELY after finishing it Just do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK I am currently halfway through Crimson Desert and I am HOOKED.

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    After struggling to make it to 60% I decide to give up This book might of worked if Aiden wasn t so damn nice lol That made it to obvious of where the plot was heading Off to find another book

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    FREE on iBooks today 5 28 2018 Blurb One look and I became his.One look and I didn t even think to run.Just one look, and Juan Florez had found his golden ticket.On the wrong side of town in a drug fueled heartland, I went in search of my younger brother, Ethan What I would find was something belonging to nightmares.What I would lose would unknowingly become my fight for survival.An escape from the clutches of evil seemed almost an impossible task Warring with Mexico s leading cartel would only see me closer to my grave Or worse, used as a bargaining chip to seal a sickening deal my brother had unwillingly played a part in But then there was one man who ruled over me A man who promised to destroy my world at every turn Juan Florez Taking on the notorious cartel son was a battle I was bound to lose.

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    So gladThis is one of those times I m so glad I checked to make sure book 2 was out before I even started book 1 just in case The cliffhanger isn t horrible, but it s enough to suck you in Layla s brother, Ethan, has gone missing Armed with fliers, she searches but, instead of finding him, catches the attention of the bad guys he s running from Two brothers, Aiden and Juan, both want her and are both in the cartel holding her prisoner one evil, and one good I loved this book because as soon as you think you know which brother is which, you don t any Definitely getting book 2.

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    Wow Just Wow This book was an incredible read.Okay, so I ll summarise Baring in mind, I didn t really know a great deal about the full content of this book before I started it I had read the blurb and seen some teasers, but that was it Laila, and her brother Ethan have lived their adult lives with just each other for family After losing both their mother and father suddenly and devastatingly They have learnt to only depend on each other Laila being the eldest has always looked out for Ethan, even when she got a scholarship and went off to college and traveled Ethan was happy to coast along in life Yet, they both had a strict rule of 2 calls a week That is how Laila knows something isn t right After 3 weeks of no contact from Ethan, it s clear to Laila he is in danger of some sort The last time she spoke to him, he told her of how he had a new job Good money, but no details Just that he was in San Diego 3 weeks later, no authorities want to help find him, so Laila is taking it upon herself to find him.She flies from New York to San Diego and checks in to a grotty shack of a hotel, with dubious looking staff Then starts out with her stack of posters, of her brother In a place like San Diego, Laila and her beautiful, porcelain doll like features, are noticed Not always in a good way In a back street cafe, while asking about her brother Laila is noticed by a dark, gorgeous Mexican man His clothes and everything about him scream money and power Unfortunately for Laila, he has been watching her.Upon returning to her room, she feels like she is being watched It s then with the butt of a gun smacked in to her head, she realises she was followed That brings us to the prologue, the start of the story and Laila, bound and blindfolded on the floor of a van, while men talk over her in thick Mexican accents Laila has stumbled in to something bad From there on in, anything I say will be an obvious spoiler, and there is no way I m going to spoil any part of this addictive and dark tale There is a lot of twists and turns to this story, that kept me glued to the edge of my seat The world that Laila has unwillingly ended up in, is a dark, dark world The level of corruption and twisted nastiness goes incredibly deep Laila is being used to settle someone else s debt, and the men in this business are beyond cruel They take what they want, with no concern for anything They are also above the law, in fact they pretty much are the law according to them, so Laila doesn t stand a chance.Yet amongst the shadows, is someone else Another figure among a cruel family Aiden Aiden is Laila s only hope in this hideous world she has been dragged in to The gorgeous, brooding man who is as much a part of the family and world that Laila is held captive in, yet he doesn t appear to want to be there There was something about this book, that made it so different, from all the rest in this genre Yes, I have read many books like this before, but there is something about it, that makes it stand out It had the same dark undertones, the evil beyond comprehension characters, but I think what I loved about it was it was believable It wasn t tacky, or too much It had an edge that made it feel so real The fact that Laila and Aiden were amazing MC s also helped greatly She wasn t another tragic captive, that whined and moaned then suddenly loved everyone She remained spirited and feisty from the very beginning, even when she had nowhere to go and pain and torture looked her in the eye She still didn t back down, she didn t lose her fight Considering just how much she was put through, she was a strong as steel I loved that about her Also, the writing was incredible The visions created were so real, and I could feel the tension and atmosphere in every little part Even the hot and steamy scenes were intense The ending was extremely nail biting, and a bit of a shocker, but it just made me desperate to get reading the next book in the series as soon as possible Again, I love, love, loved this book 5 Stars I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    It has been a while since I read something cliffhanger y and now I know why, lol I d very much like to know what happens next, but as it is, I ll have to wait.I m not one to rate a book low because of a cliffy, so let s leave it at a warning there be a cliffhanger at the end of this book.Hopefully the next book is out soon.I had my reservations about Little Doll I m sort of past dark rapey romance as evidenced by what I got a chance to read in the past year The plot is always the same, overdone and cliched.This book sounded like dark romance, but since the moment I read the title and the blurb, I wanted to read it, so I gave it a go anyway.I m glad I did The author s way of telling a story suits my taste perfectly not too descriptive, nor too simple just about right.I loved the heroine, Laila don t love the name, though She doesn t stop fighting until the very very end, and I loved that her spirit never really breaks even though her situation should have broken it by the fifth chapter.Aiden was a good hero and I think he did his best with what he was given to work with I really can t say anything else for fear of spoiling the story.Now, how dark is it Dark enough that some would be offended by the content I ll talk about it further under a spoiler tag, but a fair warning would be that the book contains some triggers most specifically rape.There is a sex scene in there as well, for those who like to know these things I thought it was well written and not too descriptive.The story moved at a decent pace, and both POV characters felt read like different people to me.I guessed the twist at the end, but it made sense.The book could have used another round of proofreading, though There were some missing words and typos, but not too many.So, why the star off I ll spoiler tag it because it sorta kinda spoils the plot, and honestly, it s a personal pet peeve of mine so I don t know how much others would even care about something like this view spoiler I ve had a problem with this in any book I ever read that used it, and it was the same here The heroine gets raped, and not like once, but repeatedly, and I was so horrified for her and what that bastard did to her was nothing short of sadistic.But then, not even two days later, she s a quivering mess of arousal at Aiden s feet Spoiler within a spoiler, so only click it if you really want to know view spoiler It wasn t Aiden who raped her hide spoiler

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    this was crappy didn t enjoy the writing, characters or plot but i wanted to see how it would end.

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    Holy moses what a ride that one was I freaking LOVED this one It was not what I was expecting, it was better I read this in almost one sitting And I would have devoured it in one go had it not been for that pesky thing I call a job It was defiantly a pull an all nighter and make the kids eat cereal for dinner book.I wasn t sure what to expect going into this one When I was asked to review, the synopsis sounded right up my alley so I was than happy to comply Little Doll had all the elements I love in a good book Dark elements, crazy bad guys, a strong heroine, and a knock out leading male you can t figure out if he is one of the good guys or the bad guys.Iam struggling a bit with trying to find words for this one, because you know me, I hate spoilers and I try hard not to divulge to much, as to not take away from the discovery as you read Laila finds herself kidnapped after she starts on a mission to find her brother Naive to the world and the evil that lurks in it, she is now discovering the meaning of hell I LOVED her She suffers harsh consequences due to her non conformity She refuses to go down without a fight She refuses to accept her new fate and she has a strength that will impress you As she struggles, she battles within herself to submit, even if the cost is her life Aiden, oh my. fans self I would describe him as an anti hero He is the son of the man responsible for Laila s current situation I found myself cheering for him to get the girl and then in the next moment wanting to slap him I couldn t get a good read on him as to whether he was a good guy or a bad guy and that is part of what I loved about this book Just when I thought I had it figured out, something would happen that left me scratching my head wondering what in the world is going on And as I kept turning the pages, I found myself wavering back and forth Add in Juan. Aiden s brother Evil to his core, he still surprised me I actually found myself liking him than I should have I couldn t figure him out He is the dark horse in this scenario Mean as a snake and not afraid to take what he wants and how he wants it, he abuses his power and position for his own gain He uses fear and manipulation to get what he wants, and he could care less who gets hurt in the process He is positioning himself to take over his father s empire when the time comes, and is creating a name for himself using whatever means necessary But, just when I had decided he was the devil reincarnate, he would do something that left my jaw on the floor I have a feeling what you see is not what you get with him But, I have to admit, I found myself guessing wrong throughout the entire book, so I could be dead wrong about Juan too Iam dying to see how it plays out side note this is not a love triangle But both men play vital parts to the story I know, sounds strange, but you just have to read it to understand what I mean Then just when I knew I had it figured out, I was thrown a curve ball that left my mouth hanging open and then. cliff hanger Gah I need book 2 Like right now I need to know what is going to happen Aiden and Laila s chemistry is undeniable I want him to win the girl so bad And Iam doing the hope dance that Aiden and Laila end up with an HEA, even though the circumstances that surround their meeting are so messed up Cliff hanger aside, this book was worth every second I spent reading it I must warn you, if you are sensitive to abuse, rape, or violence, then this book is probably not for you.

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