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summary ويس و رامين, series ويس و رامين, book ويس و رامين, pdf ويس و رامين, ويس و رامين 0980bdb9a2 Vis Ramin Is One Of The World S Great Love Stories It Was The First Major Persian Romance, Written Between And In Rhyming Couplets This Remarkable Work Has Now Been Superbly Translated Into Heroic Couplets The Closest Metrical Equivalent Of The Persian By The Poet And Scholar Dick Davis

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    Fakhr al Din As ad Gorgani, living in 11th died in 1067 a.c is famous for his Vees Ramin , a versified story, which he translated from Pahlavi an old Persian language into now Persian, on the request of Isfahan s governor Amid al Din Abou al Fath Mozafar e Neishabouri The story dates from pre Islamic Persia, a Sassanid origin V s and R m n, by Fakhr al D n Gurg n , translated from Persian by George Morrison, UNESCO collection of representative works Persian heritage series, no 14, xix, 357 p Columbia University Press, New York, 1972 .

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    This book is another one of my picks for globalizing medieval studies Basically, if you want a good introductory list of texts from the medieval era that aren t British, I d certainly suggest reading Vis and Ramin, especially if you also like epics, romances, and poetry.Things I Liked1 Story About a Female Character The introduction to my version of this text states that this story is mainly about Vis the female character and shows a remarkably complex interior life that is uncommon in other medieval texts As a reader, I had to agree, and Vis and Ramin is now on my top picks of pre modern lit about women that I would love to teach Compared to other romances where the woman is a passive recipient of love and basically goes along with whatever the man does, Vis and Ramin features a feisty female protagonist who isn t afraid to stand up for herself and fight with her husband, the king For example, when the king kills Vis s father and makes war on her country for her hand eventually winning and taking her off to be married against her will , she responds with, How could I love you after that THANK YOU.2 Prose Gorgani s style of writing is highly lyrical and emotional, while the descriptions of objects, persons, and feelings are unlike anything I ve read before The author is fond of what s called the reversed image as Davis shows in the introduction, instead of saying a woman longing for her lover is like a blazing fire, Gorgani will flip the image to say a blazing fire is like a woman longing for her lover My favorite bit has to be a description of the night where Gorgani describes each part of the zodiac mourning for Vis s fate along with rivers curling in upon themselves.3 Supplementary Materials The Penguin version of this book has a fantastic introduction, maps, and appendix with helpful materials to ensure readers have tools for understanding the text I appreciated the comments Davis made on style and literary tradition, which made my experience of the text enjoyable.Things I Didn t Like1 Pace Due to the emphasis on style rather than narrative, the pace of the text can drag on a bit This is not to say I dislike the style as a whole, just that sometimes, some of the imagery can feel repetitive and the progression of the plot will inevitably be stalled.2 Rhyme Davis translation ensures that the whole text rhymes, and while this may be an effective way to ensure English readers get some sense of the feel of the original language, I prefer faithful translations.Recommendations I would recommend this book if you re interested in medieval literature, Persian literature, and romance You might also like this book if you like Arthurian literature, especially Tristan and Iseult.

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    Vis and Ramin is not only a love story but a love poem to language Gorgani rolls out inventive metaphors to mirror multiple, many nuanced perspectives on love, loyalty, and transience This can be exhilarating, but also overwhelming For instance, when Vis reproaches Ramin in a ten part letter There are some action scenes to contrast with the poetics of languishing, though Watch for Vis s athletic, thrilling and very funny leap out of top security confinement.

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    A romance in rhyming couplets Possibly the origin of the Tristan and Isolde story A bit annoying Then very annoying Eventually, when I had my fill of cypress tears, rose sherbet breasts, etc., I found myself wishing the cuckolded king would bring in assassins to strangle the lovers so I could move onto something else.

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