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summary Island of Clouds (Altered Space Book 3) , series Island of Clouds (Altered Space Book 3) , book Island of Clouds (Altered Space Book 3) , pdf Island of Clouds (Altered Space Book 3) , Island of Clouds (Altered Space Book 3) 31fae837c2 April, Three Legendary Astronauts Embark On Man S Boldest Space Voyage Yet A Yearlong Mission To Fly Past Our Nearest Planetary Neighbor, Venus Island Of Clouds, The First Full Length Novel In The Altered Space Series, Is A Gripping Space Epic Based On NASA Mission Proposals From The Late S Touching On Literary Influences Ranging From Borges And Bukowski To The Book Of Job, This Story Of Exploration Also Offers A Literary Probing Of The Dark Reaches Of Human Nature Alcoholism, Capitalism, Authority, Fatherhood, And The Ephemeral Nature Of Desire Each Entry In The Altered Space Series Is A Wholly Separate Narrative, But All Deal With The Mysteries Of Space And Time, Progress And Circularity Every Title Is An Ens Of Words In Which Orbits Of Spacecraft, Moons, Planets And People Allow Us Fresh Perspectives On The Cycles Of Our Own Lives

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    I personally feel this is the best of his Altered Space trilogy Inventive, horrific, and loved the juxtaposition of Buzz s life in space with his later life as a drunk The book is also quite meta, examining alternate universes with Borges book I really enjoyed this one especially.

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