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files Work of Art (The Marlowe Men, #3) , read online Work of Art (The Marlowe Men, #3) , free Work of Art (The Marlowe Men, #3) , free Work of Art (The Marlowe Men, #3) , Work of Art (The Marlowe Men, #3) abb7690b2 Private Eye Derek Marlowe Wishes He D Never Agreed To Hunt Down This Stolen Painting For A Wealthy Client He Can T Tell A Van Gogh From A Picasso Fortunately, He Finds Art Historian And Sometimes Nude Model Theo Stanton, Who S The Expert He Needs Unfortunately, From The Second They Meet, Derek Finds Himself Hopelessly Attracted To The Younger Man Theo Is Frightened The Truth Is, He S The Thief Who Stole The Painting, And He Has Plans To Steal Another The Last Thing He Needs Now Is To Get Close To The Detective Who Is Hunting Him Down And Yet He Can T Get Derek Out Of His Mind As They Work Together, He Realizes How Much Of An Emotional Connection Is Growing Between Thema Connection That Could Be Destroyed If Derek Ever Found Out The Truth Derek Knows He Shouldn T Say Anything About His Feelings He Knows Theo Is Too Cultured, Too Hot, And Too Young For Him But If He Doesn T Take The Chance And Tell Theo How He Feels, He Might Never Get Another Chance Torn By Trust Issues In Their Pasts, Can Derek And Theo S Budding Relationship Survive The Deep Secret That Lurks Between Them Work Of Art Is A Steamy May December Gay Romance With Hurt Comfort Themes

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    3.5 StarsKane is back with a third installment to her deliciously angsty and sweetly romantic Marlowe Men series Work of Art is my personal favourite of the bunch, probably due to the fact that the plot and the characters were to my fancy than those within Unprotected Hearts and Damaged Gods The story follows private eye, Derek Marlowe, as he works a case to find a missing painting During his investigation he crosses paths with young art student artist model, Theo Stanton, who is somewhat of an expert on the works of the deceased painter whose art has been stolen Derek is smitten immediately with Theo, but due to the age gap and his own personal insecurities, he tries his best to act professional around the beautiful, cultured and seemingly troubled, Theo Meeting Derek was never a part of Theo s plans He finds himself drawn to the older, burly, but sweetly shy and awkward investigator, in ways that he hasn t been drawn to another man in far too long Theo is used to being objectified and used, but with Derek he finally feels valued, and for the first time in a long time, safe and cared for But Theo is keeping a huge secret which he s terrified to share with Derek Theo is the art thief Derek is looking for Theo is ridden with worry and guilt over his actions and the possible consequences, especially those pertaining to Derek s reactions, but he has valid and significant reasons for why he s done what he s done, and he s determined to stick it out until the end, whatever may come The romance aspect of this story felt a bit different from the norm The initial interactions between Theo and Derek were fairly awkward and offbeat, and nothing really happened between them for than half the story This gave me time to focus on the characters themselves and the building drama of the theft plot, which I enjoyed When they did finally start acting on their attraction, the pace of the story sped right up, with talk of moving in and a possible forever together being discussed immediately after spending a night together I m not sure if I liked this aspect of the story, but it was fitting with the fast paced, all consuming romantic feelings that were also present in the previous Marlowe Men stories, so I just went with the flow I very much loved the fact that even with knowing from the beginning that Theo is the thief, the detailed reasons why were not obvious to the reader, but rather were perfectly exposed bit by bit throughout the story and eventually culminated in a great, emotionally charged reveal scene at the end This made me like Theo all the , too I still have a few niggles with the writing style, with a few errors here and there, and even misused names in vital scenes, but I generally enjoy the stories I ve read so far from Kane and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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    Got for a ARC read, for a honest review.The third book from this series, I didn t feel like I had to read the others to read this one Theo really pulled me into liking his character no matter what Something about him just pulled at my emotions When it was told why he did things, I cried big time I really did like the story about the evil artist paintings The story pulled me in and had to find out the whys When finding out the why was even shocking The book to me had a steady pace and loved the characters Theo and Derek Hot steamy spots in the book, to the slow chemistry build between them The book has me curious to read the other books One problem for me was the ending It has me wondering if about them or leaving us at a ending of Theo walking to the bedroom Thank you for letting me read apart of the series.

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    3.5 rounded

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    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC Wow, just wow This was my first Rachel Kane book but I am now a huge fan With all the bad stuff Derek and Theo had lived through in there lives up until they met, they definitely deserved to find such happiness together I loved that I could never quite figure out what the next twist or turn would bring I am most certainly looking forward to reading books my Rachel Kane

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