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chapter 1 Ageless Beauty the French Way , meaning Ageless Beauty the French Way , genre Ageless Beauty the French Way , book cover Ageless Beauty the French Way , flies Ageless Beauty the French Way , Ageless Beauty the French Way de4696f7ab067 A Magical Guide Aerin Lauder, Style And Image Director For The Est E Lauder CompaniesFrom Three Generations Of French Beauty Experts, Ageless Beauty The French Way Is The Ultimate Book Of Tips, Products, Practices And French Beauty Secrets In Ten Categories Such As Hair, Skin, Makeup, Sleep, And PerfumeWhile Many Women Are Passionate About The Best Skin Care Lines, Hair Treatments, And Beauty Practices, Cl Mence Von Mueffling Has That Passion In Her DNA Both Her Mother And Grandmother Were Beauty Editors For French Vogue, And Cl Mence Proudly Continues Their Legacy In Ageless Beauty The French Way, A Luxurious, Entertaining, Unparalleled Guide To Every French Beauty Secret For Women From All Walks Of Life Learn The Most Effective Ways To Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through That Double Cleansing Your Face Is The Only Way To Go That There Is To Choosing The Perfect Perfume Than You Ever Imagined And That A Simple, Nightly Facial Massage Is The Ultimate Secret To An Ageless, Glamorous, Youthful FaceWeaving Wisdom From All Three Women With Insiders Tips From Top Beauty Experts, Cl Mence Shares Both Timeless And Age Specific Information In Three Categories Jeunesse , Pl Nitude , And Maturit Creating A Wonderful Guide That Any Woman Can Cherish Throughout Her Life, And Pass Down To Her Daughter Through The Years

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    Some books about beauty are really only treatises about the continual pursuit of youth, or the folly associated with the pretense of youth This book makes it clear from the outset that beauty is about being one s best self, whatever that entails for you And then spends chapters explaining how to attain one s best self through lifestyle, body skin care and yes, even modest application of make up But the cosmetics discussion is the least of the book and in contrast to similarly titled books, there aren t pages of directions about how to apply products to cover up lines and wrinkles The book is most like spending time with a really wise friend filled with good information Some you may have heard before and some needs repeating Most you will find helpful, if not immediately, then soon I know I did The info is divided into three broad categories of age or time of life, so you can read up and become the wise woman among your friends and family after reading this book I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley and am very appreciative.

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    AgelessBeautyTheFrenchWay NetGalleypublisher synopsis A magical guide Aerin Lauder, style and image director for the Est e Lauder CompaniesFrom three generations of French beauty experts, Ageless Beauty the French Way is the ultimate book of tips, products, practices and French beauty secrets in ten categories such as Hair, Skin, Makeup, Sleep, and Perfume.While many women are passionate about the best skin care lines, hair treatments, and beauty practices, Cl mence von Mueffling has that passion in her DNA Both her mother and grandmother were beauty editors for French Vogue, and Cl mence proudly continues their legacy in Ageless Beauty the French Way, a luxurious, entertaining, unparalleled guide to every French beauty secret for women from all walks of life Learn the most effective ways to let your natural beauty shine through that double cleansing your face is the only way to go that there is to choosing the perfect perfume than you ever imagined and that a simple, nightly facial massage is the ultimate secret to an ageless, glamorous, youthful face.Weaving wisdom from all three women with insiders tips from top beauty experts, Cl mence shares both timeless and age specific information in three categories Jeunesse 15 35 , Pl nitude 35 55 , and Maturit 55 creating a wonderful guide that any woman can cherish throughout her life, and pass down to her daughter through the years A wonderful guide from three generations of influential women in the beauty industry An amazing guide to beauty and self This book is full of useful information as well as very personable You feel like you are speaking with the author, hearing her story, in person.I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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    A great book for all ages, written by three generations of a family who were prominent over the years in the French and New York beauty fashion industry I found the book to be a very interesting read with some great beauty and health tips for all They cover the industry of fashion, their experiences and the changes over the years, suggestions on changing routines and styles as one gets older,

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    This book offered some great beauty tips and many enchanting anecdotes on growing up in a luxurious Parisian household Its fairly prescriptive view on femininity was, however, a little grating.

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    This book can appeal to women of all ages It is a sensible reference guide to taking care of our skin, make up use and making the most of ourselves through good health care it is written by three women who have been in the beauty industry for years I think this would be a great gift for young women to learn how to better care for their skin This is not a usual American book about looking younger as the media here pressures women to only focus on This is a sensible guide to washing your face correctly twice , using toners , moisturizers and helping yourself age by improving your self care to be your best self Many of the suggestions are what European women have been doing for years and easy to work into our daily routine One great tip is a face massage which really improves your elasticity and skin tone I highly recommend this book Cross posted on Good reads and Thank you for the ARC which did not influence my review I will be buying a hard copy to keep for future reference.

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    An excellent read I thoroughly enjoyed this, I am a sucker for anything about French Style but this is unique as its French elegance at any age, whilst it is predominantly written by Clemence a Parisian living in New York both her Mother and Grandmother also contribute which gives this a richness that is not often found in fashion and beauty books I especially loved her Grandmother s memoirs on being a model and her recollections of how beauty used to be, which was wonderful as it combines my love of beauty with my love of history.

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    Received it as a Christmas gift Skim read it I admire their dedication to their beauty, but there s no way I m going to spend hours a day doing all of this.

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    The author, Cl mence von Mueffling, begins the book by mentioning that her mother and grandmother were beauty editors at French Vogue When Cl mence was young, she would count the days until Christmas because her mom would receive boxes overflowing with the latest fragrances, creams and makeup products As someone who subscribes to a beauty box in the mail with fun things to try, I can honestly understand that feeling This book has been organized into three age groups Jeunesse youth ages 20 35, Pl nitude abundance ages 35 55, and Maturit mature age 55 and over The author sates that it s good to begin at a young age, and and since your needs change with time, it s a good idea to reconsider what you use as you get older Each subject is organized by chapter and the age group recommendations are clearly marked, so it s easy to find what you are looking for The book covers a lot of territory from facial massages to manicures, makeup diet and lotion tips and products the author favors, it is stuffed full of information.This book will benefit anyone looking for information on how to look your best at any age.

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    Weaving wisdom from all three women with insiders tips from top beauty experts, Cl mence shares both timeless and age specific information in three categories Jeunesse 15 35 , Pl nitude 35 55 , and Maturit 55 creating a wonderful guide that any woman can cherish throughout her life, and pass down to her daughter through the years I read this book after hearing it mentioned on the podcast The Simple Sophisticate by Shannon Ables since her book Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life A Modern Woman s Guide is coming up next on my reading list, I ll gush about her in the review for that book but at the very least, treat yourself to this podcast Reading this book, I realize that I must have some French in me, since I relate to this general beauty philosophy it s about taking care of your skin and health, than it is about a full face of makeup Also, it is about being you, but improved than it is about contouring, spackling, blowdrying, and coloring yourself unrecognizable Being of Mediterranean extraction myself, I guess it s fitting Plus, since any kind of skin treatment that makes your skin temporarily photosensitive has always scared me, I m glad to know that in this philosophy, harsh skincare, chemical peels, and even exfoliation are a no no Much of it was stuff I ve been aware of before, whether from my mother, grandmother, friends, or magazines good posture, sunscreen, perfume and the health info sleep, food, etc was pretty basic, but it might be helpful for the jounesses of the readers However, I did appreciate learning the specific skin care steps and product recommendations I had never heard of double cleansing before, but I have now incorporated it into my nightly routine Following the types of products recommended, plus in the ways recommended, means that cleansing twice doesn t end up harsh or drying.

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    French woman always seem to be stylish well groomed a special aura.This lovely book in a way a memoir of these three women generations in the beauty business French women from early years are taught how to maintain their beauty this is a guide from youth beyond.I enjoyed reading about their grooming habits products the whole wonderful lifestyle.Interesting that French men are also very involved with grooming, netgalley St.Martinsboojs.

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