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summary Second Thyme Around, series Second Thyme Around, book Second Thyme Around, pdf Second Thyme Around, Second Thyme Around 7ec5b0991b For Years, Things Have Run Quite Smoothly For Perdita And Her Organic Gardening Business So What If Her Hair Needs A Complete Overhaul, Her Sweater Has Holes Than Swiss Cheese, And There S No Hope Of A Boyfriend On The Horizon The Last Thing Perdita Wants Is A Meddlesome Man In Her Life But She S About To Get One, In The Form Of Her Completely Infuriating Ex Husband, LucasLucas In Disagreeable, Curt, Arrogant, And Smolderingly Gorgeous He S Also The New Chef At Grantly House, Perdita S Number One Customer Worse, Mr Grantly Has The Insane Idea Of Starting A Television Cooking Show That Will Put Lucas And Perdita Together As The Gourmet And The Gardener Now, Things Are Heating Up In The Kitchen And Elsewhere With The Bright Lights Blazing And Old Feelings Stirring The Pot, It Could Be A Recipe For Disasteror Absolute Delight

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    I picked this book up somewhat at random in the library, and I m very glad I didn t spend any money on it It was a most disappointing piece of work.Perdita and Lucas were married, briefly and disastrously, some 10 years before the story opens Now they are divorced, and she has, with the help of grandmother substitute Kitty, picked herself up and built a market gardening business that supplies local restaurants and hotels Suddenly, the head chef in the biggest local hotel leaves, to be replaced byLucas last seen, incidentally, as a stockbroker Cue angst, annoyance, and oh god suppose he thinks I m still pining for him on Perdita s part.The story proceeds fairly predictably from there it is, alas, about how how Perdita and Lucas get back together I say alas , because Lucas is an arrogant, obnoxious, bullying twit, and what Perdita sees in him I cannot imagine Especially when he decides their marriage breakdown was partly her fault because she didn t tell him to stop when he cheated on her WTF Mind you, Perdita seems to have no life beyond her market gardening, and not much personality than her parsley except when she s trading insults with Lucas, which she does a lot This is apparently a sign of affection , so what Lucas sees in her is also unclear I did like the character of Kitty, though she s the sort of disgraceful old lady that I want to be when I grow up And her sub plot, though sad, was good Apart from the Roger part, which was too obvious, and badly worked out Overall, I was thoroughly unimpressed with this book, and I doubt I ll be reading anything else by this author.

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    A light, easy read, but not up to Katie Fforde s usual standards of good sense The plot skipped along nicely, and I very much enjoyed the depiction of the relationship between the protagonist, Perdita, and her elderly friend and former guardian, Kitty However, the romantic thread never gelled for me Lucas, Perdita s ex husband, has re entered her life, and she is enormously attracted to him why Handsome and temperamental He was that in their first marriage, and they were problems than features He s added some kindness to his flaws, but he s still a belligerent, pushy, demanding man.That conversation in which he suggests she shares the blame for the demise of their marriage, in that she was too passive and didn t make him behave No She s your wife, not your mother If monogamy is your agreement, then to reneg on the agreement is your choice, and you own it, not her She can t make you behave Either you want to be married, or you don t Katie Fforde, how disappointing And that bizarre sex scene on the kitchen floor, where she s trying to stab him with a knife Yes, I can see she s working out her anger here, but it scarcely reveals a healthy dynamic, does it Nor do they ever sort that out properly Oh, except that she accepts her share of the blame Right Of course.Now, those are substantial problems with the romantic thread arguably the most important thread in a romantic novel but I still enjoyed reading it The late in the plot involvement of the gold digging nephew is contrived and unnecessary, too I found myself skipping over the Roger pages, waiting for him to get his comeuppance and be gone.I read it through because it was fun than not, but I can t give it than two stars.

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    I m happy that no one says bad things come in fours because I ve already had three and hope it is the last for a while In the last 4 months, my dog died, then my Mother died, then my car died I really wanted to read as a distraction, but could not bear anything heavy Upon a recommendation from a librarian for a light beach read, I checked out this book It was perfect It was romantic without being gaggy and it contains no heaving breasts nor is there any trace of a open shirted Fabio standing on a mountain with his hair blowing Instead, it had an absorbing storyline and I pretty much read it straight through Since I enjoy cooking, the fact that it is a romance between a woman who grows lettuces and a chef and takes place in a restaurant is all the better The author has injected a dose of the present day by including a TV cooking show in the mix The author is British and although many of her terms most Americans are aware of or can figure out easily, I m still clueless to some of them If they were important to the story, though, I would google them and I m too lazy This book is not a heavy hitter nor is it the best book I ve ever read however, for a beach or patio read, and for a daughter still grieving, it is delightful.

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    I really liked this, though you should be aware that this book deals with the illness view spoiler and eventual death hide spoiler

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    When I drive, I like to listen to NPR radio or audio books that I don t have to think too much about You know the ones that I won t want to go back and savor the words, re reading a particular passage to marvel at how it was crafted or what it said I usually pick books that are cozy mysteries thrillers make me speed or some of the lighter, whimsical rather than whimsicle, as used on www.regretsy.com, one of my other online indulgences , sometimes even grabbing something that could fit as chick lit or the dreaded women s fiction Note I also have been known to listen to audio books for big, heavy books that would be awkward to hold, or books that I haven t been able to get into when reading, but that are highly recommended Sometimes a good reader can get me through those, and I come out liking them at the end This book fits one of those categories you be the judge.The story is pretty straightforward Perdita finally has her life on track after having her heart broken and her marriage dissolved She runs a small organic gardening business, has faithful clients and good friends, including her dear octogenarian friend and mentor, Kitty who is family to Perdita than her actual family Everything is thrown out of kilter when her ex husband Lucas appears on the scene He, too has reshaped his life and is a world class chef Somehow, even though they antagonize the crap out of each other, they are paired in a television cooking show Into this mix, add Kitty s declining health and this book is born.First off, I have to say that Divina Porter, the performer of the audio addition I listened to is marvelous I intend to seek out books read by her I ve heard her before in some other series, already, and thoroughly appreciated her remarkable talents Had I not been listening to this on audio, with such a skilled actor, this might have been very hard for me to bear The interplay between characters was good, but as Kitty began to decline, it was all too easy to remember my own experiences Fforde got inside my head and almost, but not quite, lived my life, British style But it all was so beautifully done, and Porter read it all so eloquently, that I kept on.And as for my criteria of audio books where I wouldn t want to capture a quote, well that was shot to hell I had to pull over to the side of the road a couple of times to write things down Gems like, the difference between solitude and loneliness is that you choose solitude Or don t cry over things that can t cry over you said when a china teacup broke , which I don t entirely agree with, but I did like none the less Fforde created a world that I was glad to visit, with vibrant, distinct, characters There was only one scene I didn t like has to do with lust in the kitchen, if you really want to know , but it s just because it was just a little to rough for my tastes and experiences Her characters evolve in a realistic manner, and I was glad for the glimpse into their world I think this book goes under a different title, Thyme Out, in the UK More on Davina Porter here.

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    I like it a lot, but don t understand what the auther has with angry men This is the second book I ve read of Fforde and agan, a man that s hot, super sexy and always fighting What s the deal Oh I keep going back for ah I get it now Duh.

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    What a dispoointment this book was I am not a fan of chick lit apart from very few authors and Katie Fforde is the foremost She always made me feel good and till now, I closed her books with a smile on my face, they were the equivalent of the grownup s fairytale But in this book she tried to tackle serious subjects and situations and it just can t fly Transient, ischaemic attacks, strokes, pedpans etc are not the foundation for a novel to help one escape, because that what KF s novels are, the door to a brighter, sunnier, ideal and utopic land where good things happen in surroundings that make us dream So, I am sorry but this was a sore disappointment.

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    Wasn t expecting especially much from this Katie Fforde Generally I enjoy reading her books while they re in my hands, but then they fly completely out of my head the second I put them down Thyme Out, though, I really enjoyed and I think I ll think about for a lot longer Sure, there s the usual romance plotline involving Perdita and her ex husband Lucas, but what really got me involved in this story was the relationship between Perdita and her elderly neighbour Kitty It gave a lot depth and emotional connection to the book than a simple romance would have It actually made me cry towards the end of the book Definitely worth a read.

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    This is my favorite Katie Fforde book and one of my all time favorite romance novels I re read it when I need to cheer myself up with a happy ending.

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    i should change my crummy chick lit tag, because i don t actually find chick lit to be crummy across the board i actually really enjoy it when i am in need of something fun frothy between the heavier doses of non fiction to which i subject myself this particular dose of chick lit, however, wasn t particularly to my tastes.the plot stars perdita, a 29 year old organic gardener who supplies a few local restaurants a health farm, which is a british ism that i don t understand at first i thought it was a rehab center, then i thought maybe it was a spa it doesn t really matter, it s not especially relevant to the plot perdita s little house backs on to the land that is owned by her good friend kitty, an elderly wealthy lady who happens to be perdita s mother s godmother perdita s parents are world travelers are never around, so perdita spends most of her quality time with kitty perdita is a divorcee, having married an unsuitable bully of a man who could not be faithful when she was 18 their split was a dark chapter in perdita s life, but kitty helped her get back on her feet, emotionally, professionally, by giving her a parcel of land on which to build poly tunnels greenhouses in which to begin her gardening business.perdita supplied veggies to a local hotel, but gets the shock of her life when she makes a delivery one day finds the old chef has been replaced with a new one none other than her ex husband, lucas, who was a stockbroker when she knew him we pretty much all know what s going to happen, thanks to the punny title, but the author still makes us wait the entire 360 pages before we get there there are your usual hijinks the sous chef, perdita s very young friend janey, gets a crush on lucas perdita sets her up with her employee, william, to try to distract her lucas seems to hate perdita, but still gets her to agree to allow him to film a cooking show in her kitchen perdita is tapped to be on the show as well one night, perdita connives to get janey a night off to go on a date with william fills in in the kitchen lucas is angry because supposedly a michelin reviewer is in the dining room he thinks perdita will mess up his chance of earning a star they have a huge fight that actually involves perdita attempting to stab lucas with a butcher knife , then they almost do the deed right on the kitchen floor it s your classic bad boy you can t resist story, which is why i say it s not to my taste i never found lucas a sympathetic enough character i was never convinced that perdita should let bygones be bygones start things up with him again then kitty has a series of strokes requires around the clock nursing care perdita moves in with kitty her caretakers a long lost nephew turns up perdita is the only one who seems to understand that he s just there to try to get kitty to sign over her assets to him in the will he hints that he ll charge perdita for the use of the land her poly tunnels are on once it s all his, so not only is perdita distraught by the impending death of her friend, but she s also concerned about the future of her gardening business of course, she doesn t share her suspicions with anyone else she just bottles it all up, once kitty dies, she puts off learning about what s in the will because she s convinced that the nephew inherited everything she isn t taking care of herself everyone is concerned, until lucas whisks her away to the cabin in the woods where they spent their honeymoon they start things back up again lucas gives her a long speech about how he had come back to town to find her again convince himself that he hadn t made a mistake by splitting up with her, but instead found that she had grown up become a confident, capable woman that he wants to marry again RIGHT NOW they immediately like literally within a few hours of hooking back up again start making plans for their re marriage all the babies they re going to have lucas has seen kitty s will knows that perdita inherited everything they move in to kitty s house lucas jokes that perdita may already be preggers perdita realizes that she misses kitty, but she doesn t need her any, now that she has lucas s love or something.it wasn t a terrible book, but all the british lingo was tough to parse out sometimes, the plot seemed to move in fits starts there were long sections where perdita was keeping all her thoughts feelings to herself nothing seemed to be happening, then boom she s back with lucas making baby plans in like five pages but whatever all i wanted was froth i did expect the book to be a little funnier than it was, i expected a little glamour from the whole TV program plotline, butwhatever.

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