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txt Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, text ebook Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, adobe reader Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, chapter 2 Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape 113404 Whip Your Knitting Into Shapedo Mi Kni Trix Da Mi Ni Triks N, Pl Trices US, Var Of Dominatrix, Re Knitting A Woman Who Dominates Her Knitting Broadly A Badass KnitterYou Have Knitted Your Last Bad Piece Let The DomiKNITrix Show You The Ropes Yes, It May Be Painful To Take The Time To Knit A Gauge Swatch, Count Stitches And Fix Mistakes But Just Think Of The Pleasure You Ll Get When You Knit A Gorgeous, Perfect Sweater With No Holes And No Uneven StitchesLearn The Rules Or Else Inside You Ll Find A No Nonsense, Comprehensive Guide To Essential Knitting Operations And Finishing Techniques, Including Step By Step Instructions For All The Basic Stitches Used In The Patterns In The BookGet Your Hands Dirty The Book Features Over Spicy Projects To Satisfy Any Knitting Appetite For A Knitting Quickie, Choose From One Of The Smaller Projects, Such As The Mohawk Hat Or The Popular Snow Devil Cap If You Want Of A Challenge, Try The L Il Red Riding Hoodie Or The Big Bad Wolf Icon Sweater, The Slink Or City Coat

About the Author: Jennifer Stafford

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Stafford author readers around the world.

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    I have flipped through this book several times, but just recently took the opportunity to sit down and read the entire thing, cover to cover Impressive, but impossible for me The projects are beautiful, and the tutorial section is pretty extensive There are several warnings in the book about the difficulty of the projects, and I was wise to follow them Even the easy projects are a bit over my head I like to make scarves, blankets, hats, and easy things This is a great book to read if you want to get inspiration for working up to harder things, but for the self taught crafter it may be too advanced I am thinking during winter break I may tackle a heart shaped pillow, but that is as fierce as my projects will be anytime soon Who needs a stressful, tedious project when they are busy with school and work Hats off to any of you beginners that dive into a complicated pattern, I am jealous, because there are plenty of beautiful and unique goodies hidden in this book Also, makes a nice addition to any craft bookshelf Plastic feeling binding, and smooth thick pages will appeal to friends you are trying to persuade to take up knitting A novelty, a great read, and inspiring Enjoy

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    An excellent knitting book, but a little weird that we had it in our high school s library.

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    I thought that the beginning of this book was really informative and I actually learned some things that I hadn t known before, I ve been a knitter for about 5 years now It had a fairly large amount of information, something that you don t normally find in your average knitting book, and for that I might use this book as a reference Unfortunately the patterns in this book were somewhat lacking, meaning I only found a couple that I would even begin to think about knitting for myself I think it was three to be exact Some of the patterns in this book were a little, sketchy for me and the photographs of the knitted items were hard to focus on because the models looked so bizarre themselves, or they lacked proper clothing Overall I didn t like the patterns in this book, but enjoyed the techniques in the beginning, making this book three stars Taken from my book reviews blog

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    This is the same review I wrote for Pretty in Punk.I m comparing Pretty in Punk to Domiknitrix, because I m using both at the same time, and they both have a similar hat helmet style Generally, the patterns and projects in Pretty in Punk are much, much simpler, which might make one think it s suitable for beginners Yet Domiknitrix offers far in the way of hand holding they recommend specific cast ons and decreases for each project, and have photos and step by step instructions for a variety of cast ons, increases, and decreases As a result, both books seem a bit unclear on who their audience is.

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    I m so sad that I didn t find this book when I was still young..these patterns are HOT and not your grandma s knit sweaters Seriously, if you are in your twenties thirties, get this book and knit up a few of these patterns Me, I d look like someone s sketchy drunk great aunt But that doesn t necessarily stop me I just may knit up the Little Red Riding Hoodie but put the skull motif on the back And I honestly am going to make the Snow Devil hat in hot pink for next yeaer s Women s March.a perfect riff on the iconic pink pussy hat.

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    Stafford gives the basics and skill upping tips that new and advanced beginner knitters need I m not so sure that knitting gurus would need all of the info, but if they have a wicked sense of humor, I m sure that they could get something out of this book I love the heart shaped pillows that you can embroider naughty words on or the devil horned hat that would come in handy during Halloween.

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    I love the designs in this book There s a lot of variety I can t wait to get started making them The instructions are all easy to read, and it looks like there s enough info to customize some of the sweaters with designs that aren t in the book.

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    Fun book Not super crazy about any of the patterns but the sections on pros cons of different types of increases, decreases, bind offs, joins, etc would be useful if I get into garment making.

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    I picked this up after seeing it a couple of times in bookstores, flipping through the patterns, and liking them It s one of those odd collections where I don t see a single thing I want to make, but I can see the techniques underneath and how modifying them a bit will get me where I want to go So, I bought it.But oh wow, the text So painful First, the title of the book is clever, but this doesn t mean you have to use DomiKNITrix yes, capitalized like that thirteen times in the first four pages 13 I just went back and counted Also not every knitter is female, a straight female, or, most of all, a straight, fat shaming, societally controlled female Should I cite a pile of examples that cause eye rolling meh, why bother, we can all fill in the blanks Not everyone thinks every piece of clothing must be flattering of a thin waist etc etc etc I could go on I won t because whatever.So yeah Get through or skip the first hundred or so pages, all the manifesto nonsense, and just get to the techniques and patterns The author really knows what she s talking about and has a lot of great ideas, even if she coaches it in a glaringly obnoxious and off putting rhetorical style.

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    While the patterns in this book are a little beyond my knitting skills at the moment, and I m not yet at the point where I look for challenges and alterations at every opportunity, Dominknitrix features some of the most solid technical instructions I ve found in all the young hip knitting books I ve come across i.e not Elizabeth Zimmerman or Vogue Knitting sock books I especially appreciate the section where different stitches and techniques are shown in both Continental and English style, since I learned Continental initially and it was SO hard to find any instructions on how to purl that weren t English The attitude of the book can get a little grating sometimes, but that s the entire premise, and it s funny, which makes it stand out This is definitely not the essential standard knitting primer, but if you re looking to branch out into creative projects, or garments, I recommend looking through it.

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