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files The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn, read online The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn, free The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn, free The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn, The Knitter's Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn 6345ddfa4 Not All Yarns Are Alike Some Make Our Hearts And Hands Sing, Some Get The Job Done Without Much Fanfare, And Some Cause Nothing But Frustration And Disappointment The Gorgeous Pair Of Socks That Emerged From Their First Bath Twice As Long As When They Went In The Delicate Baby Sweater That Started Pilling Before It Even Came Off The Needles The Stunning Colorwork Scarf That You Can T Wear Because The Yarn Feels Like Sandpaper Against Your Neck If Only There Were A Way To Read A Skein And Know How It Would Behave And What It Wanted To Become Before You Invested Your Time, Energy, And Money In It Now There Is With The Knitter S Book Of Yarn, You Ll Learn How To Unleash Your Inner Yarn WhispererIn These Pages, Clara Parkes Provides In Depth Insight Into A Vast Selection Of Yarns, Giving You The Inside Stories Behind The Most Common Fiber Types, Preparations, Spins, And Ply Combinations Used By Large Scale Manufacturers And Importers, Medium Sized Companies, Boutique Dye Shops, Community Spinneries, And Old Fashioned Sheep Farms And, Because We Learn Best By Doing, Parkes Went To Some Of The Most Creative And Inquisitive Design Minds Of The Knitting World To Provide A Wide Assortment Of Patterns Created To Highlight The Qualities And Minimize The Drawbacks Of Specific Types Of Yarns The Knitter S Book Of Yarn Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Yarn How It S Made, Who Makes It, How It Gets To You, And What It Longs To Become The Next Time You Pick Up A Skein, You Won T Have To Wonder What To Do With It You Ll Just Know The Way Any Yarn Whisperer Would

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    I ve owned this pretty much since it was published, but I ve done a bit of a reread recently, and it s the kind of book you get a lot out of on rereads Not because it s unclear at all, but because there s a wealth of information that I, at least, hadn t seen before reading this There s really only one pattern I love in the book, and that s the Maine Morning Mitts, which is available for free online I ve made it many times and it s a great pattern It wasn t until this browse through that I totally got the match of yarn and pattern though There are so many complexities of twist, ply, spinning method, etc, that it s just the basics that stuck first time around On the other hand, on the first read I did understand why tee shirts I used to buy from the Gap all those years ago would end up with twisty seams That just enhances life a bit The only complaint I have isn t really a valid one anyway, and that s the lack of acknowledgment of the very problematic nature of most cashmere yarns Both environmentally and ethically, much cashmere production is pretty disastrous I only learned this on Ravelry after becoming seriously hooked on knitting and at times wished a bit that I hadn t, at least until I d bought a good stash of cashmere But Parkes is definitely on the side of the angels as far as small yarn producers are concerned, which is fantastic.

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    I am a fiber geek nowI know that qiviut is the warmest yarn and expensive That you can knit with opossum And that rayon used to be called wood silk.I know the difference between woolen spun and worsted.I know why merino feels so dang good.And why angora is stifly hot.ohhh the things in my little head.Good book Not sure about the patterns, but go have fun.

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    I was seduced by the title s promise to be the ultimate guide Even after reading descriptions of different yarn, I didn t see how this would help me when in the yarn shop Paying attention to the labels in our clothes seems helpful than this book I found the listing of brands strange I wasn t looking for brands what if they stop making a product line How helpful is that After reading, I came back to my original subconscious thought Nothing beats experiential learning.

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    I m willing to admit that this book probaby sounds deadly boring to non knitters, and maybe even to some less dedicated knitters But if you want to understand the basis of the medium, this book is a very good start The organization kinds of fiber, how they re spun and dyed, and why yarn is or isn t plied is good The author does a good job of explaining how the structure of the yarn influences how designers use them in knitted garments And although I m not a fan of all the patterns in the book, there are several good ones In the end, though, I m keeping this book as a reference volume than a pattern collection.

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    I need to qualify my review to mwntion that I am a contributor, in a small way, so I am not totally unbiased This is a book that I wish had been available when I was a new knitter, and even without taking account of any of the patterns, it is one that will be useful to knitters and other fiber crafters because of the solid infornation that the author has included.

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    I LOVE this book I ve learned so much about the different categories of yarn and which purposes each type of yarn are suited for I appreciate yarn even now The projects in here are great too The next big yarn sale I go to will definitely find me with this book in hand to better understand what I m buying A timeless reference book.

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    I may be the only one that isn t ohing and ahing about this title I think the problem is the fact that I have a strong textile chemistry background and the fiber chapters were not all together accurate So I found the book anoying.

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    Judging by its billing as the ultimate guide this book failed for me While there were details I found useful, it s very American and author centric There were fibres not covered in the book, which may reflect on the speed of new yarn being developed made available or a reflection on the author s limitations on availability, it seems Though if you re setting out to write the ultimate guide, surely you d try to get your hands on the exotic materials.At times the book reads like an advertising catalogue for specific brands of yarn, which may appeal to some but irritated me Mainly, this information is available in other books without the heavy emphasis on patterns which I still find an annoying though understandable inclusion in both her books.

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    An excellent book I d like to buy It gives you the family tree categorizations of yarn, and tells you, as you have been told no where else, what yarns are good for what types of knitting projects It discusses how yarn is made, from what source animal, veggie, man made , the types of ply s, whether large industry or small farm, giving patterns for the particular yarns that will showcase them off best She gives additional reading and internet resources, and encourages patronizing small makers of yarns She s the author of knittingreview.com This book is an excellent resource

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    I treated reading this book like a study assignment, and took 30 pages of notes as I went along I learned so much about fibers and how they feel, knit, wash, wear, insulate, itch, stretch, and I can apply this information to not only my yarn choices for knitting, but also my clothing purchases Why does some silk smell bad What do the Pima Indians of Arizona have to do with my favorite cotton sheets Why do some of my cotton t shirts shrink biased Why is hand washing better than dry cleaning for my wool sweaters How can I evaluate the pill potential of a garment What does mercerized mean And, how is it I ve gone this long without knowing this information Clara Parkes knows her fibers, and has done her homework for this book She includes patterns for different types of fibers, and though not all were to my taste, reading her explanation for why she chose the fiber, the weight, the ply, or the stitch for those projects, was helpful and enlightening.

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