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    Excellent End of Days satire featuring a Goth Girl, Elvis Interpreter, Stephen Hawking, and a Fundamentalist Christian.

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    Pretty funny I guess I d have to see it staged but on the page I often wondered the line between authentic character and gimic the kid who dresses up like Elvis, the Goth, etc.

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    This is one of those plays that made me laugh and moved me I recommend.

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    In Deborah Zoe Laufer s End Days, a suburban family is undergoing a spiritual crisis following the September 11th attacks Sylvia Stein has turned to Christianity to save her disaffected husband Arthur and her rebellious teenage daughter Rachel But as Sylvia races around preparing for the Rapture, Rachel is learning that there are things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy Hmmm not really While End Days fails to explore in any depth the religious scientific connections forgivably, I think this is a comic play after all , it touches on the debate and on virtually every dysfunction of the modern family parent teenage relationships, post tragedy trauma, loss of self, zealotry, adolescent bullying, adolescent love, generational mis communication, and on Sylvia has bizarre conversations with erotic undertones with Jesus, while Rachel finds herself conversing a bit less oddly with Stephen Hawking Arthur suffers survivor s guilt, yet is able to forge some kind of relationship with the nerdy, bullied Nelson These scenarios make for some pretty funny moments in the play, particularly with Sylvia s Tupperware style evangelical calling Overall, the play is compelling and quick witted.End Days was selected as part of the L.A Theatre Works Relativity series, and it s a good choice The play touches on the religious scientific debate long enough to arouse the interest of the viewer listener, without bogging down the pace of the production This audio version features a 30 minute interview with Robert John Russell, founder director of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences for me, the interview was the highlight of the audio version and should not be missed for anyone at all interested in continuing the religion science conversation The play is true to the high quality of L.A Theatre Works productions the actors deliver the dialogue clearly and deliberately, the pace is excellent, and the special effects add to the production rather than detract I found the character of Nelson Steinberg a bit annoying, and his penchant for wearing an Elvis suit a tired, trite motif, although perhaps it s effective on stage than on CD And perhaps we are meant to draw a connection between Jesus, Stephen Hawking, and Elvis Recommended for students and fans of audio theater productions and contemporary plays.

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    A truly fun and meaningful play about science, religion, love, family, and recovering from tragedy Despite the dramatic nature of its title and summary, End Days is actually a very mellow play It s not about big, showstopping moments and dramatic confrontations, it s about the contrast and chemistry between very likable, very believable characters I was worried that this play would be one of those pro atheist anti religion works, but that is not the case Deborah Zoe Laufer does a great job of respecting her audience regardless of what beliefs they subscribe to and what life experiences they ve endured I should also mention that this play is incredibly funny without the humor feeling forced.I highly recommend End Days to just about anyone with a couple hours to spare I hope to direct this play one day.

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    Despite genuinely lovable characters, and some funny moments I found the use of predictable tropes like It doesn t matter what you believe as long as you believe something , and the gothic intelligent but hurting protagonist a bit distracting Still, it s a solid family play, that isn t likely to offend and even offers some sweet moments to take away.

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    This is a great play It is so funny and has so many great lines At the same time though, there are dark undertones that run throughout the play I thoroughly enjoyed it though and am looking forward to playing Rachel in my acting class.

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    Well that was a hoot

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    It has a nice cast for the voices, including the actor from the movie Chronicle , Dane DeHaan.

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