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    This is another classic Yarn Harlot book I giggled, I got teary, I giggled some , and I really just wanted to pick up my knitting at the end Comments after second read This one stood up to a second reading just as well as most of Stephanie s books do Laughs, giggles, reading bits out loud the bit where Denny gave Steph her knitting while they were waiting to walk down the aisle at Steph s wedding and told her to do a few rows to take the edge off made me both howl with laughter and then read it out loud to Curgoth It s a very quick read, and I wish that I had First Read October 2011Second Read December 2012

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    First of all, this is not a book about knitting It does have a lot of knitting references in it, so it is probably best appreciated by fellow knitters But in reality the essays in this collection cover a lot of ground with humor and insight parenting, social issues, mental health, chaos theory, problem solving, fair trade, craftsmanship, self esteem The yarn harlot herself presents the term adoxography, meaning skilled writing about an unimportant subject, to describe her work, and that is a perfect description except for one thing she makes knitting important She relates her knitting to everything, and through it you see the world a little clearly She proves that the mind that can figure out what went wrong with a complicated cable pattern twenty rows back and somehow fix it is also pretty good at decoding human behavior.If you are a knitter, you will enjoy this book so much you will find yourself at times laughing out loud and uncontrollably for pages on end If you are not a knitter, but perhaps an innocent spouse forced to listen to passages read out loud by your resident knitter, you will still think the writing pretty darn funny, clever, and true.This is the book which has reminded me how much I like reading personal essays when they are well done Got to get me some .

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    It s been a while since I ve read Stephanie Pearl McPhee or her blog, so I had forgotten how jealous I am of her knitting skills Having tucked my bitterness away, I proceeded on with her latest Having said that, I have to say I enjoyed this collection much than her last effort because it was, gasp, a bit darker and it s not as if she has gone serial yarn killer or anything than her other works In this volume her musings are about the darker side of her personality she is All Wound Up, so to speak, and it is refreshing to know that sweet smiling woman is just as bitter as I am about several things Beloved and faithful appliances choking out their last when the household budget can ill afford it, idiots making inane remarks regarding her knitting in public, and heart crushing sadness She also touches on the less finer points of dealing with daughters, adolescent dating, and determining whether one s penchant for fiber qualifies as an addiction The Yarn Harlot is nothing if not humorous, and this is humor to which I can relate I can forecast that some fans may complain that there are topics than just the love of knitting Yet this is just what I feel makes this collection stronger than earlier efforts No matter what the topic, she knits it all together with love, laughter and yarn Well done.

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    I admire Stephanie Pearl McPhee a lot, and I ve been influenced a lot by her as a knitter Sometimes her humor is too much of the same thing over and over Teenagers, AMIRITE but I like her essays best when they re a little quiet and contemplative, or when they pull from something abstract and make it experiential There were a few of those kinds of essays in this book, mostly toward the end.

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    What a charming little book.

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    I really enjoyed the last part of this book, especially October, Crytoscopophilia, Fair Trade about crocheting , The Deep Dark, and The Time of the Big Not Knitting.

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    All Wound Up is a collection of essays about a variety of things Of course, having being written by Stephanie Pearl McPhee a.k.a The Yarn Harlot there is lots of witty, funny things about yarn, knitting and knitters Personal favorites include Knit Junkie in which the Harlot turns to the DSM IV s definition of addiction to see if she does have a knitting problem, Personal Filters in which she reveals all the wonderfully snarky things she would like to say in response to the questions non knitters always ask knitters, Crytosopophilia which muses on the things we see and what we infer from them when we get quick little glimpses into someone s life, and The Cool Table which discusses our efforts to fit in and feel comfortable in our own skins and where that might lead us But in addition to all the great knitting anecdotes, there are some essays that breaks out of knitting culture to reflect on moments of day to day life From the death of a beloved washing machine to a love affair with the quiet peace of nighttime, Stephanie s writing is funny and insightful whether she writes about yarn or life.

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    All Wound Up Stephanie Pearl McPhee is also known as the Yarn Harlot from her blog I found her blog first and laughed out loud at some of the things that happened to her I was a new knitter and a long time crocheter so I didn t like that she hated crochet, but after reading this book the first time back in 2011 I understood how she would not enjoy the process She covers so many topics in the book, just as on her blog, and many I could nod my head and say, Yes That is so me You do not have to be a crafter to understand what she is writing about or to laugh about some of the things that happen But it is a fun read Each chapter is different and some flow into the others and some hop from topic to topic The reason that it took so long to read this was that it was just something I would read a chapter here or there first read was straight through and I would pick it up and read for a little while and then walk away for a little bit.

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    For some reason knitting isn t considered a cool activity by a lot of people It is an activity that can define who you are, however No one spells out the life of a knitter as well as Stephanie Pearl McPhee All Wound Up is her newest book, and it is an absolute hoot The essays had me giggling out loud and made family members wonder what exactly could be so funny about a knitting memoir If you are a knitter even a closet one who only knits on weekends , this is just about the most hilarious book you could hope to read The author has captured public perception about knitting and the idiosyncrasies of knitters into a humorous collection of stories that will have you saying oh my gosh, that has SOOOO happened to me I give five of five stars to All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

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    I don t even knit and this book is hilarious It probably helps that she came and did a reading where I work and I can hear the whole book in her voice makes it even better because she is funny as hell in person Great little lessons and everything between the pages

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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • All Wound Up
  • Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  • English
  • 09 May 2018
  • 9780740797576

About the Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Stephanie Pearl McPhee better known as the Yarn Harlot is a prolific knitter, writer and blogger known for her humorous but always insightful anecdotes and stories about knitting triumphs and tragedies.