Snapchat UpdateSnapchat have released another update today which is set to change the game for the better (or worse depending on your viewpoint)

The update will allow users to play music from their devices while recording their snap, meaning that you can sing, dance or just make funny faces to all your music from iTunes. The update also includes “Bug Fixes” which are apparently going to make snapchat faster – but I wouldn’t have exactly said it was the slowest of my app’s to start with!

The update could prove to be much bigger than anyone at snapchat may have expected, as it gives your friends much more options to be creative with their snaps. It will also give some of your friends to share their terrible taste in music and awful lip syncing abilities. Previously, as soon as you hit that record button, any music playing would automatically stop.

This is still the case with other social apps like Instagram and Vine, who now it appears have some catching up to do.

This is the first major update since Snapchat announced that they believe their worth will raise up to $19 billion within the next financial year.