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Facebook Chat Heads for Android

Facebook Chat Heads for Android

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has today announced “Facebook Home” which is set to be a revolutionary new home screen for Android users. Facebook is trying to flip the user experience on its head saying that users will navigate their phone “through people, not apps”.

Zuckerberg hosted a Q&A Session after the announcement event at which the obvious question was asked, when will this be coming to iOS? the answer is in the short term its not, as apple has created a closed source operating system facebook is not able to replace the iOS home screen with its own, like it does on the open source android operating system. This means that the only way Facebook Home is coming to iOS is if apple works alongside facebook to make it happen, which personally i can’t see happening anytime soon.

[ad 1]The concept behind Facebook Home is that instead of seeing an application or an icon, facebook has designed the interface to focus on people, for example merging all emails and texts from the same person into one super complicated conversation.

Facebook claims users unlock their phone around 100 times per day, and for this reason they are redesigning the concept behind the lock screen on the Android phone to give users a slide show of photos and updates from their Facebook News Feeds.

Facebook Home also includes feature called ‘chat heads’, which keep’s any ongoing SMS and Facebook messages on top of every app on the phone for easy access. (see below)

Facebook Home is due to be launched on the 12th April however it will only be available on certain handsets, these are currently set to be the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II. For future updates and more information keep your eye on facebook’s announcement website

Facebook Chat Heads for Android

Facebook Chat Heads for Android

Samsung to beat Apple to the smart-watch marketplace?

Some images have surfaces on a Korean website of what seem to be Samsung’s take on the Pebble and the upcoming iWatch, its currently unclear weather the device will function as a stand alone watch or weather it will rely on a bluetooth connection like the other devices we have seen recently.


The current rumour believes┬áthat the project is codenamed Altius however this doesn’t quite match up as this is also reportedly the codename for the Samsung Galaxy S IV expected to launch mid April, however this handset has also had different code names so it may just be a coincidence!

The device itself appears to be running an OS called AltiusOS beta2 and the interface is nearly identical to the new Windows Phone and Windows 8 tiles. The screenshots are also 500 x 500px and so this may be an indication of the resolution of the display.

[ad 1]Its also worth noting that Sony have also got a upcoming product similar again to this concept with their Android compatible SmartWatch.

What do you think of the concept? is this something you would actually buy? Sign up and leave us a comment, we love to get an idea what our actual readers opinions are!

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