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Heartbleed did not affect Apple’s Services

Apple have today confirmed that key services where unaffected by the infamous heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL Software.

A spokesperson for apple has said

Apple takes security very seriously. iOS and OS X never incorporated the vulnerable software and key web-based services were not affected

The heartbleed security flaw which is explained in the cartoon below, was a small coding error within the OpenSSL platform, not an issue with the SSL protocol itself. The purpose of this software is to provide secure connections between computers and web servers and this small flaw is said to have effected around 80% of the internet that uses secure web pages, including Facebook and Google among other big names.

The problem has been described by many experts as catastrophic and realistically on a scale of 1 – 10, if your website uses SSL (think that little gold padlock in the bottom right corner) then this is an 11.

Worth mentioning is that this iPhoneLeaks has also not been effected by this issue as we do not have any need to establish secure connections.



User Accounts Disabled

Unfortunately due to the recent increase in WordPress hacking attempts the decision has been made to discontinue all user accounts created for this website. This means if you have previously set up an account you will no-longer be able to log-in and access the account, the site however will remain fully accessible to all users when not signed in.

We are still able to accept comments as before on our articles by using the Facebook comments box at the bottom of each article, this will requires you to have an active Facebook account and also be logged into the account at the time of posting.

I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in advance and assure you that we are working to protect the website as best we can and at this point in time, this was our only option to ensure the protection of the personal data we where holding on our system by permanently removing all user account data held on our servers.

Website is back up!

404Some of our regular users and the more observant among you may have noticed we have been having some issues with the website recently, mainly slow loading times and occasional timeout errors and as such the website may have even been unavailable for short periods of time during the day.┬áThe downtime was actually due to the website becoming overloaded with visitors and bots posting “spam” comments, which was actually crashing our whole server!

To combat this we have now switched over to a completely new blog engine to run the back-end of the website which will hopefully deal much better with any sudden spikes or increases in traffic and also help us to combat the spam comments more effectively!

The good news is that this new blog engine does allow us to add some new features, mainly Facebook integration with comments and also site login’s so you no longer need to sign up to our website to leave a comment, you can simply sign into Facebook and use your Facebook ID to leave comments on our articles!

We have also added a Privacy Policy as we know how important your personal information is to you and exactly why it shouldn’t be getting into the wrong hands, bottom line is we will NEVER share any of your private or personal information with anyone you don’t want us to, and that’s a promise.

As always if you do notice any problems with the website you can always contact me by clicking on my name at the top of this post, or by leaving a comment on this article.

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