So i’m sure you are all aware by now that Snapchat has surprised us all by releasing a new update on Tuesday which adds a few new and possibly controversial features!

The main thing that the new update brings is an “Updated Chat” which snapchat has dubbed Chat 2.0, this apparently will make it easier for us to chat and video chat with our contacts.  Snapchat has said that the new chat 2.0 works when you “start by sending a few chats, and when your friend shows up, start talking or video chatting instantly with one tap” … not really sure why you would want to but snapchat has also added stickers just like on Facebook and WhatsApp so you can send giant emoji style stickers to annoy your friends too!

The most annoying / ground breaking feature that has been rolled out in this update is the “autoplay” feature on your friends stories, in a nutshell once the story you are watching finished, snapchat auto plays the next one down in your friends. If you want to skip the Story that just started playing, swipe to move ahead to the next one; and if you don’t want to watch any-more Stories at all, pull down to exit. Personally I find this feature annoying as firstly I don’t really want to watch everyone in my contacts list’s stories, I only watch interesting peoples and it also kind of feels like snapchat is gearing up to ad advertising stories right into the mix. finally it also makes it really difficult to tell who’s story you are watching!

For full details on the new update or if you just like reading official press releases, its available on Snapchat’s Blog

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