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The Biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone

The release of iOS 7 is going to be a major milestone for Apple, with the release of 10 new key features for the device apple is describing the update as “The Biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone” and saying it involves a comprehensive end-to-end redesign of the user experience.


Along with the new iOS 7 which is available to beta testers and developers as of today, 1500 new API’s will be made available in the iOS 7 SDK for developers and a new feature called iBeacons for Bluetooth LE Location.

The re-design of all the icons and apps shows a less “reflective” style of design and everything looks a bit flatter, a demo of all the new apps and icons is visible on the Apple iOS7 Website.

iOS 7 will be released to the public in Autumn of this year, so get ready because its only a few months away!


f1370889110Control Center

This is a brand new feature for iOS 7, Swipe up from the bottom of any screen on your iPhone, including the lock screen and you will be presented with a variety of quick access controls to allow you to change WiFI, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, volume, AirPlay, launch quick apps such as flashlight or camera, and obviously all the the usual iPod controls.



Good old Siri hasn’t missed out in this update, with new skills allowing Siri to controll your bluetooth, increase and decrease brightness and also play voicemail messages, along with new web services such as twitter, bing search and wikipedia.


Air Drop

Air Drop is a new feature for this vertion of iOS and is essentially Bump, air drop is “Absolutely the easiest way to share with the people that are right around you. Any app that supports a share sheet, your friends that are around you show up right there.”

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The app is based around sharing media with those around you and promises “No need to wander around the room bumping your phone” with a simple screen where you tap who you want to send content to, they accept and off it goes, just like everyone usedto back in the days when sending pictures over Bluetooth was popular.

The Air Drop system is said to be System wide for any app that supports a share sheet, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. Supported by iPhone 5, 4th-gen iPad, iPad mini and 5th-gen iPod Touch.




Activation Lock

With Activation Lock, if a thief tries to turn off Find My iPhone or wipe a device, the thief will not be able to reactivate the phone without a user’s iCloud user name. It is designed to be a theft deterrent.


iOS 7 In The Car


iOS 7 has been designed to add extra functionality to in car entertainment systems such as radio’s and built in navigation systems by allowing music and actual integration within iOS to display music messages and calls on built in displays and navigation systems.

This feature will most likely be implemented into existing car hands-free kits and media systems by allowing the car controls and steering wheel controls to control the music which is being played from an iPod, similarly to the features currently available with a iPod USB cable and a compatible aftermarket Head Unit.

Currently the involved manufacturers are Chevrolet, Ferrari, Honda, Hyundi, Kia, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan and Volvo. These car manufacturers are aiming to have the system integrated and working by 2014.

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Other Smaller Changes

Folders on your home screen can now have multiple pages, no longer are you limited to having only 9 apps stored in a folder.


A new gesture has also been introduced to allow you to go “back” to the previous screen, this is most likely to be a swipe from the left of your screen however you should be able to customize this in your settings.

Compass and Game Center redesigned, no more wood & green felt! – New designs will have a “sense of purpose”

Apps will update in the background over the air, adapting to how you use your phone, if you always open an app first thing in the morning such as facebook, iOS 7 will ensure the app is updated overnight ready for use the next morning.



New remote control AI car game “Anki Drive” announced at WWDC

Earlier this evening Tim Cook stepped aside during his keynote presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to allow an app developer called Anki to take to the stage to showcase their new product, Anki Drive.

Anki Drive


Anki Drive is a revolutionary use of the iOS platform enabling the remote controlled cars to use an iPhone as the processor to allow them to interpret their environment and react to their surroundings. The name itself is Japanese for memorize and that is certainly what these robotic AI controlled racing cars do!

The cars connect to a device running iOS via Bluetooth LE and then using the processing power of an iPhone for example, know where they are on the track and are able to react to their surroundings in real time.

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The toy cars can see and analyse the track up to 500 times per second and are equipped to handle a multitude of situations on the printed race track. The cars can be controlled manually through an iPhone or iPad running the companion app, which according to the developers is when the real fun begins, after all the demo car’s shown at WWDC did have weapons!



The full Anki Drive experience which is being described as a “video game in the real world” including the hardware required to play the game (cars & the track!) will be available in stores in the US around Autumn, which means we can hopefully expect it to make an appearance over here in the UK in time for Christmas.

The company describes themselves as being “dedicated to bringing artificial intelligence and robotics to our everyday lives” and after looking at their website they are certainly trying very hard to achieve this goal.

The app called Anki Drive is available to download today in the App Store.

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