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Over 10 Million downloads for Google Maps app

A recent post on Google’s social networking site Google+ has shown that Google has apparently been downloaded by over 10 million people in its first 48 hours in the app store.

More than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours after release!

We’re excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world. Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years.

If you already have it — thank you, and please tell a friend. Any feedback you have is welcomed, here in G+ or in the app (just shake it).

Google maps was highly awaited by loyal Google users and also the general public due to the fact that quite simply, apple maps was useless, especially here in the UK!

The Google maps app has shot up the app leader board since its release and is now sitting as the number 1 free app in the app store. The app is maintaining its 4.5 star rating and has over 20,000 reviews.

[ad 1]While the download count has been announced at a massive 10 million so far that is still not a great percentage of all iOS users as this represents just 10% of the community who downloaded iOS 6 as reported by Apple who announced that iOS had been downloaded 100 million times by the 21st September 2012. This is a strange statistic as it shows that the majority of users have actually not bothered to download the new offering from Google and have in fact stuck with the default offering provided by Apple Maps.

There is always the possibility that most users probably don’t know about the app from Google however only time will tell as news spreads throughout the iOS 6 community.

The Google Maps app is available for download from the app store.

Google Maps breaks EU Privacy Law

google-maps-firstrun-locationThe newest most popular maps application for iOS has come under fire today from EU Data Protection laws because there is a check box ticked by default. This essentially is assuming that you are going to allow the app to perform the requested action and so it not allowed under EU Data Protection laws.

The concerns have been raised by the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection who said that Google Inc. is violating European data protection laws with the simple check box, which will set the app to share location data by default.

The first time you launch Google Maps the app does the usual thing and ask’s for permission to send back anonymous user data, with Google ticking the little tick box automatically. Apparently that’s not allowed. The centre for privacy protection are saying that the box has to be un-ticked by default and require the user to actively tick the box for it to be accepted.

The actual operation that Google is performing once you have ticked the box is perfectly legit however data protection experts are voicing concerns about that too as apparently any data about your location is viewed as personal data by European laws and so cannot be anonymous.

Google Maps Returns the iPhone

As most of you may be aware Google has launched its own maps app in the iTunes store. This comes after apple completely ruined the maps experience on the iPhone by removing Google as their default maps provider and replacing it with their own service created by a mutation of other search & mapping providers data such as TomTom and various informational databases.

Maps Competition

Maps has a number of new features since it left the iOS platform, the main one being Turn-By-Turn Directions, a feature which was actually not included because google wouldn’t allow it! It has been reported that google wanted a higher branding presence on the device and also integration with their location service Google Latitude which is a similar app to Apple’s FindMyFriends application launched with iOS 6.

The app was originally announced in early November however google employees where not too optimistic about the app being approved by apple in the app store, turns out apple seems to have got exactly what it wanted, in the form of Turn by Turn directions with less of a google brand and also has kept its own mapping solution separate from google’s vast technological empire, even though it was a complete and utter failure.

Its worth noting that as before, public transit directions are unavailable for the UK for now as it traffic updates however hopefully soon google will realise a large amount of its user base actually doesn’t live in the USA and they should probably develop these features for other users around the world.

Google have released an official press statement saying:

Navigate your world with Google Maps, now available for iPhone. Get comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions, Street View and more. Use Google Maps to discover great places to eat, drink, shop and play, with ratings and reviews from people you trust. Sign in to save your favorite places and quickly access all your past searches and directions from your computer, right on your phone.

mapslogoGoogle Maps is available in the app store for free, although some users are having trouble downloading this at the moment due to its high demand!

Google is also advertising the app on its homepage with the text “New! Google Maps for iPhone is here.”

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