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Fake iPhone to sue Apple?


A few days back we reported about a fake iPhone being manufactured in chine called the Goophone i5, rumors have just surfaced that the company making the phone may actually be trying to sue apple for copyright!

The company GooPhone is claiming that as they released their product first, everything that comes afterwards must be a copy right?

The law in the UK and Europe is simple, if you own the patent then others cannot copy it, the rules in China and Hong Kong however are more complicated as it doesn’t necessarily matter who own’s the patent, the rightful “owner” of the device is whichever device comes to market first and so actually things could get interesting as the new iPhone has not technically been released yet, whereas the GooPhone now has.

Real fake iPhone 5 created by a Chinese manufacturer

Goophone i5A Chinese manufacturer has created a real phone called the Goophone i5 which is designed to look like the leaked images of the new iPhone 5, and runs on android.

The new iPhone is rumored to be taller and the Goophone sports a 940 x 640 pixel screen measuring 3.5”, a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. Which all in all doesn’t sound like a bad phone!

The devices tech specs match up with current generation smartphones and so this isn’t simple a gimmick, this could be a real functioning iPhone knock off based on current generation iPhone handsets, or a completely re-designed android handset made to fit in an iPhone case, either way this could get interesting.

goophone-i5-2There aren’t many more details available at the moment such as pricing of availability, surprisingly however this does seem to be a real product which will go on sale in the near future, providing apple doesn’t quickly take legal proceedings against the release of such a device.

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