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Biometric iPhone 5s may not live up to expectations

An analyst has recently said that the Biometric features of the iPhone 5s may not live up to our expectations and probably wont be able to authenticate contact less card payments due to the company only working with apple for around a year.

We expect the iPhone 5S to include a fingerprint sensor with a basic unlocking feature, but do not believe the sensor will be built into iOS 7 enough to introduce a feature like secure payments as we believe that Authentec has only been a part of Apple for less than one year. We believe that payments could be a key feature of the next version of iOS in 2014.

The device is likely to offer third party apps integration with the Biometric scanner however the way in which this will be rolled our across the industry is still to be seen. The feature could, as stated simply be a new way to unlock your device, replacing the need to enter your PIN code.

iPhone 5s to be announced on the 10th September

Our sources have told us that the iPhone 5s will be launched at a media event on the 10th September this year. It is still unclear if the iPhone 5c will be launched alongside the new iPhone 5s, or if it will feature in its own launch show on a later date.

We have seen lots of images and renderings of the new low-cost iPhone which has been called the iPhone 5c among news outlets and fans, apparently with the C standing for “Low-Cost” however this seems like a strange marketing strategy for apple, seeing as its main core feature is that of quality, cheap isn’t something i could see apple wanting associated with their products but only time will tell.

iPhone 5c

The most recent rumors suggest that the new iPhone 5s will be priced at around $490 which is £316.95, a similar price to what the iPhone 4 is currently retailing at when brought on contract with a network.

It is likely that the iPhone 5c will be released on the same date as the iPhone 5s, alongside iOS7 and possibly OSX Mavericks however traditionally this is less likely. the iPhone 5s is rumored to have NFC contact-less payment solutions, a bio-metric fingerprint scanner under the home button and a dual LED flash.

WWDC 2013 – What We Know…

wwdc_2013_logo-250x239With the annual Worldwide Developers Conference just around the corner on Monday 10th June at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (18:00 GMT) we are going to give you a summary of what we know so far and what we are expecting to see revealed.

Back in April when the conference was actually announced, it was little surprise that “new versions” of iOS and OSX where going to be showcased and everyone has made the assumption that these will follow the trend and be named iOS 7 and OSX 10.9 as has been the case since the iPhone launch got delayed back to Summer in 2011. The focus on this conference does seem heavily focused on software rather than new hardware which is exactly what we would expect with an “s” version of the iPhone 5 now due.


iOS 7

The operating system of the iPhone has remained mostly the same since its launch, with the tiles having a shiny mirrored effect and being laid out in a simple 4 x 5 grid with pages to scroll through but all that could possible be about to change. The new look is said to be a new style “Flat Design” from the new man in charge of the “Human Interface Team” Jony Ive.

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iRadio is another feature which is said to be making an appearance at WWDC this year with iOS 7, after lengthy talks with content providers it seems like apple has finally come to a solution for a “pandora” like internet steaming service. This app has been on the cards for apple for a very long time however lengthy discussions about licencing and content have proved costly for apple and so the process has been very dragged out. Just last week apple has reportedly signed a deal with Warner Music in what seems to be a last minute push in order to get the app ready for its launch at WWDC, the actual service however would not go live until iOS 7’s launch at the end of this year.

iOS 7 is expected to be seeded to developers during the conference so they can test out the new code before its widespread general release.


OS X 10.9, MacBook & Mac Pro

With engineers being pulled from this project in order to get iOS finished on time its no wonder this announcement comes later than it was expected back in February. This will tie in with other hardware announcements we are expecting to see with new models of the MacBook series and possibly a new model of the Mac Pro. These new models have been hinted at since some model numbers where leaked in the lead up to WWDC last week, the serial numbers where listed as below which fits in with the pattern of current MacBook Air Model Numbers.

MD711LL/A — Better — USA

MD712LL/A — Best – USA

MD760LL/A — Better – USA

MD761LL/A — Best – USA



Further model numbers have also been leaked around the same time however it is not yet known which products they correspond to.


The release of a new Mac Pro is almost guaranteed at this WWDC as the comapny has been forced to stop selling current generation Mac Pro’s in Europe as a result of non-compliance with a safety legislation. Currently (incase you haven’t noticed) all Mac Pro’s have been taken off shelves in the UK

What are you hoping to see this year at WWDC? let us know in the comments below, now you can even sign in with Facebook!

iPhone 5

iPhone 5s Production Begins this Quarter

The latest news is that Apple will begin manufacturing the iPhone 5s sometime this quarter in order to meet a summer release deadline.

In keeping with the rumours we have heard so far regarding the Summer launch, there will also be a new Low-Cost iPhone featuring a 4 Inch display like on the iPhone 5 and is likely to be made from plastic rather than the current glass and aluminium finish. It has also been said that the new low cost iPhone may have interchangeable cases to allow the user to change the colour of the device however as always, this has not been confirmed by Apple.

[ad 1]It would also be sensible to assume that iOS 7 will be launched alongside the iPhone 6 as is usually the case with the iOS software launches, the new iOS version would be expected to be released not long after the iPhone 5s announcement to allow users to download the update without flooding the servers on the actual iPhone launch day.

Will the iPhone 5s be coming this summer?

The latest rumours have now started surfacing about the release of the next expected generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5s which is said to be launching around June this year, followed by a low cost iPhone in September.

Many features have been rumoured to be included in this new model iPhone including a faster processor, better quality camera and a NFC chip. It has also been rumoured that the new iPhone may include some form of bio-metric security in the form of a fingerprint scanner.

[ad 1]A new iPhone launch at this time of year would fall in line with apple’s previous launches and their current timeline for production as well as with our previous article which predicted a mid 2013 launch and also the general consensus of market analysts and professionals within the industry.

iPhone 5S Production has Started…

The latest rumours are now surfacing that Foxconn has ramped up production ready to start creating the new iPhone 5S, which would be assembled on the same production line currently in use for the iPhone 5.


There has also been rumours that china’s largest mobile network NTT DoCoMo which doesn’t currently offer any iPhone is reducing its orders of android handsets for Autumn 2013, which has caused analysis to speculate that the network will be introducing the phone when it is launched.

The iPhone 5S is currently thought to be launched around August / September this year and this would make sense with production being stepped up around this time of year. The device is also expected to ship with a new vertion of iOS as with previous devices and this is expected to be released slightly before the handset ships to enable the servers to cope with the rush of traffic.

[ad 1]The new device is said to have improved internals while having the outside shell unchanged, which matches the design for previous “S version” iPhone’s. It’s also rumoured to have a fingerprint sensor on the home button and improved flash for the rear camera.

Will the iPhone 5s Support NFC and Fingerprint Scanning?

A Japanese website today has announced today that a Taiwanese firm (Chipbond) will be producing a number of components for the iPhone 5s, including the touch display driver as well as chips to support a fingerprint sensor and NFC features. The current rumour is relating to using the Fingerprint scanner to enhance security when using NFC for payments.

nfc iphone

Various different rumours have surfaced since apple acquired the security firm AuthenTec some time last year, who themselves have been heard to have started cutting off their own customers in order to focus their efforts on a “New Technology” which will presumably be integrated into the latest iPhone 5s. Various iPhone analysts have also been quoted around the Internet as saying that a fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone will really place the handset into a league of its own.

Including NFC has been a long-standing rumour for the iPhone, and its inclusion for the iPhone 5 failed to materialise however Apple could have novel plans up its sleeve for deploying NFC within the mostly aluminium case of the iPhone 5 that will undoubtedly encase the iPhone 5s, by means of a patent recently published which would utilise the circuitry of the touch screen to function as a RFID antenna, meaning no additional antenna hardware would be required.

[ad 1]It has been noted that apple are moving slowly in the mobile payments area of the market and this could be down to working hard to integrate NFC into the mix, meaning that apple can provide a complete payment solution of its own, which would hopefully, finally mean that the Apple Passbook can have a real use, as up until now in the UK the app has failed to really reach its potential.

Foxconn is also reported to be ramping up production and will be producing the iPhone 5s on the same production line as the iPhone 5.

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