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Plastic packaging for the iPhone 5c

An image has surfaced on a Chinese blog called WeiPhone which appears to show an all plastic outer shell for the new iPhone packaging, featuring the text iPhone 5c.



The “c” on this device is presumable referring to either the fact that the device is rumored to be available in a number of colours (iPhone 5 colour) or simply the fact it is a low cost model.

The packaging itself is a small white plastic container similar in size and shape to traditional cardboard iPhone packaging however with a rounded base. The front cover of the packaging is not visible in the image however could possibly be a see through plastic lid like you get on some iPod devices to show off the different coloured devices inside.

The website this has been leaked on has provided some reliable information before on previous product launches however as always, we really cant be 100% sure on what we will be getting until apple actually announce the launch of the new device.

Let us know your take on this new case in the comments below.

Image of the new Low Cost iPhone

Today another image has surfaced of the new Low-Cost iPhone which is rumored to be coming to our shelves alongside the iPhone 5s. The image was discovered on a Chinese blog and does appear to be genuine as it looks similar to all the other images we have seen around and also displays all the appropriate certification logos such as the FCC and other legal organisations on the rear.



From this image we can see that the exterior of the phone is at least similar to what we where expecting, a rear camera with a single flash as opposed to the dual flash rumored to feature on the iPhone 5s. The lightning connector and headphone socket are also located on the bottom of the device as they are currently on the iPhone 5.

Current expectations put the iPhone 5s andits low cost little brother to launch around mid-september however this has yet to be announced from apple so may be subject to their usual last minute shifting around.

Will the iPhone 5s be coming this summer?

The latest rumours have now started surfacing about the release of the next expected generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5s which is said to be launching around June this year, followed by a low cost iPhone in September.

Many features have been rumoured to be included in this new model iPhone including a faster processor, better quality camera and a NFC chip. It has also been rumoured that the new iPhone may include some form of bio-metric security in the form of a fingerprint scanner.

[ad 1]A new iPhone launch at this time of year would fall in line with apple’s previous launches and their current timeline for production as well as with our previous article which predicted a mid 2013 launch and also the general consensus of market analysts and professionals within the industry.

New Low-Cost iPhone?

According to our sources there will be a new entry level iPhone being announced this year which is planned to use a plastic back plate similar to the old model iPhone 3g rather than the glass and aluminium panels we currently see on the iPhone 4 and 5.

Chassis mixed with plastic and metal, with the internal metal parts being able to be seen from outside through special design

This quote has also emerged which is apparently from “official sources” however apple has not confirmed or denied this.

Our source also reported that the internal components for the low-cost iPhone are going through validation and the final product may be available as soon as the summer 2013.

The device is said to have a price tag of around £75.00 – £125.00 however this is not confirmed weather it will be attached to a contract of if this is a Pay as you go price. Subsequent comments by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller seemed to suggest that Apple was dismissive of that possibility, but that comment was later retracted.

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