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Apple Pay officially launched in the UK

Apple Pay CardsApple pay has today been officially launched for use in the UK and will be accepted at any store which currently accepts contactless payments.

The technology is currently only available on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus however owners of older models can use their iWatch (Apple Watch) to enable NFC payments along with touch ID.

According to apple pay’s UK website the service currently is only available to customers of AMEX, MBNA, Nationwide, Natwest, RBS, Santander and Ulster Bank however other banks on the Coming Soon list include Halifax, First Direct, HSBC, Lloyds, TSB, M&S Bank and Bank of Scotland.

Apple is also apparently trying to encourage merchants to accept and promote Apple Pay by enabling user feedback on the apple website, with a few refrences and links saying things such as “if you have trouble using Apple Pay in store, let us know”

Have you used Apple Pay yet? Did the cashier get confused when you tried to slap your phone or watch on her PDQ terminal? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: As of Tuesday 28th July Apple Pay now also supports First Direct and HSBC with Barclays reporting that support is “Imminent”

Santander is first UK bank to offer Apple Pay

Santander with Apple Pay (iWatch)

Santander is getting ready for the launch of Apple Pay as customers can register their bank cards with the Apple Pay service in preparation for its launch in the UK later this month.

The current process is a bit of a workaround as it requires the user to set their country to US, add the card and then return to UK at which point the card will remain in the users passbook and is available for use at any contactless terminal.

It has not yet been announced when Apple Pay will be available in the UK however at WWDC apple did say that it would be available during July 2015.

Update: One Santander customer who activated his card for use with Apple Pay was able to use it at a McDonald’s to make a purchase.

Update 2: Santander has emailed customers who were able to add their cards letting them know the Apple Pay service is not yet available for use and removed it from their devices.

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